May 27, 2014

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Really, i got quite a lot of things to tell. I would go into a certain adventures and then i would be dreaming on posting it into the blog but i just can't found the time!

Well, the thing is being a university student and also being here in KUALA LUMPUR, the city of Malaysia, it gives you all sort of oppurtunity. I like it so much! The chances of doing anything is almost endless. Alhamdulillah for little old me to have such a big possibilities to do a lot of things and to learn a lot more too. 

Furthermore, i just need to share how to live in KL as a UKM students. At least from my point of view. It is quite ashamed for me to simple kept it to myelf. Not to mention all those silly things that i have encountered. You all can only imagine how impulsiveness could bring you miles away. Like literally, MILES AWAY.

Lets do a list and with Allah permission, insyaAllah i would be storytelling this dilly dally things here for sharing purposes. 

  1. Lost in Selayang.
  2. Monorail vs  LRT vs KTM
  3. 5 shopping mall in one day
  4. Relaxing day at KL Festival
  5. Book Fair at PWTC (2013)
  6. Book Fair at PWTC (2014)
  7. To Sri Pentas Bandar Utama 
  8.  Awesome Malacca trip with friend
  9.  Awesome Terengganu trip with friends
  10.  Eat out at Kampung Baru - HR Steak House
  11. Eat out at Kampung Baru - Restoren Kapal
  12. Eat out at Kampung Baru - Steamboat Mama
  13. Eat out at Kampung Baru - Restoran Suraya
  14. Chow Kit Road
  15. Sri Petaling Street
  16. Jalan TAR
  17. Banks around UKM KL
  18. Buying ticket to go home
  19. Living in KL with a scooter
  20. Handling Program At UKM KL 101
  21. Aquaria KLCC
  22. KLCC park
  23. Fancy Restaurant You Should Go
  24. At Sungai Congkak
  25. Awesome Orphanage 
  26. Review on Hamasah As Syabab and Aiman Azlan
  27. My little project - Epharmaline 
  28. Escape to Cameron Highland
  29. (the list may be added)
 So, i really hope i could write all of these wonderful thingsss and hopefully i'll get a lot more experience in the future.

I would love to go to Japan one day

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  1. interested on no.26...cepat2 tulis, okeh2..
    bye..miss u..