Roll On : Review on Hamasah As Syabab and Aiman Azlan

May 30, 2014

Here how it goes. There is this event called Mega Gempak held by the medical students here. It's quite something as during my first year the didn't do much on things like this. Actually, there is no program at all from their side. 

This 9 days event have a few like sub events (sorry for my bad english) and one of it is this forum called "Pandang Belakang, Pandang Depan : Di Mana Kita?".
The topic was quite long and the moderator was like annoying/interesting kind of person and each time he mention the topic we all would be like laughing annoyingly hearing it (he purposely does that for making the forum more fun, he is not that annoying of a person actually)

Well, I just need to express that. Badly.

Back to bussiness folks! The panelist were Afiq Sazlan from Hamasah As Syabab and Aiman Azlan. To be frank, I am only there, watching the forum, because of Aiman Azlan. I believe he can deliver good stuff and YUP i was right. Money well spend!

Regarding Afiq Sazlan, I don't know him at all. Hamasah As Syabab is actually something like a production company and he is that person that want to make a movie that is worth watching for as compared to current Malaysian movies (as how I understand it, he got like a longer explanation, I just sum it up)

So, was it good? It was so good!!

I like it when two different kind of people, having same belief, giving out opinions in forum. It widen your way of thinking and for person like me, I like to analyse peoples cause from there I can really understand how he can say so and so. 

Firstly, mind yourself from what I'll be saying. This is me giving opinion regarding both of them as I see it from this forum. No, i'm not that kind of person who always look up for their new updates or vlog or stuff. 

Bismillah ,

Aiman Azlan.

He is sweet and soft. He is that kind of person when you do bad things and want to be made understand that you still have chance for Allah forgiveness. He gives out opinion in such manner that it capture your heart softly and advice you like a loving mother. I purposely use to word "mother" to show how he is when he delivers his point. He got nice sense of humour and it makes people feel comfortable with him.

Afiq Sazlan.

He is that person who didn't bother to read about Ahmad Ammar. Yet he still read it at some point (sorry, I can't remember why he decide to read it, but he does say that he read it halfway through only). He gives solid point, that stab to your heart. Not like things that makes you "tersentap", it is more like a realization. The harsh truth. He goes with solid confident and he walks with vision and mission. 

Hee. I didn't quite tell much right? 

As the forum goes, audience grow likings toward Afiq Sazlan. It's because the crowd are of students. Those who studies medic and health. Those of critical thinkers. Some may thought Afiq Sazlan was a better talker, but it is really because of their different personality and because Afiq Sazlan suits the audience best.

We need them both. There are times when people are hard to be convinced and people like Aiman Azlan is needed. He can win their heart and slowly make them fell that Islam is a religion of fitrah.

And then we got time where they have forgotten or become weak and negligent. Then we need Afiq Sazlan. He can help to affirm their faith and make them strong to move forward.

I do think this point a little bit exaggarated but well, this is how I see it. 

Oh ya, Afiq Sazlan win our heart when he quickly bow down upon unexpectedly seeing the usher (a woman of course) behind him during handing souvenirs ceremony. 

There is this one point Aiman Azlan mention that I like the most.

Istiqamah is not always do it. It is to quickly go back to it when you lost your track.

Actually, I don't quite really onto writing this. I randomly put this point on the things that I want to write and a friend of mine was keen on me to write this up. Apologies for any wrong say and do take my point as something to be think of, not to be believe.