Roll On : 10 afifahaddnan Life Quotes

Jan 19, 2015

it's not like i'm some well-achieved person to share so-called life quotes, but it's more like what i want to be or what is me. self-recognition or so~

  1. Student's life is the best platform for EVERYTHING. Either to build that person personality that you always want to be or experiencing all sort of things out there. You are much more likely to do so here. Grab it!
  2. Always gets the best deal. Who doesn't love a good shopping ey? I love going to place like Pasar Karat and Borong places. With Lazada and Groupon online shopping, the possibilities is endless!
  3. Be passionate for something. Have something you truly love and do it. Don't be trapped on doing "that regular thing" everyday~
  4. Don't condemn people in front of me. I hate it, especially when i try to make that person to see the other way around and they just can't get it.
  5. Think out of the box and don't be scared to do it. Some person thought it as not normal or just that special persons with special what and what can be so. You are so wrong at so many many level.
  6. Think about others. PLEASE! They is just too many people cannot think of others. It's freaking annoying.
  7. Be true to yourself. It's not being yourselves that important. But for me it's being true to yourself, ask yourself, do i want this? What do  i really want?
  8. Never whining. It's just plain stupid. But i still do it. T___T
  9. Don't judge people. Always looks the best in people. It is very UN-complicating.
  10. Mardhatillah. Find Allah in every corner of your life :)

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