Roll On : My 20 (!?) Dreams

Jan 30, 2015

it's quite weird ey to be listing a sum of 20 dreams. let's us start now!

  1. Becoming the best servant for Him. (cepat amin !)
  3. My first dream job is that i want to be a teacher. maybe because both of my parents were one. but that is a really long time ago like maybe when i'm in standard one. you see, teacher will have this report recording like the three ambitions that you want to be. i always have it changed all through the years.
  4. I also wanted to be a police. Kind to think of it, it is such a physically not suitable for me. ughhh.
  5. Then, at one time, i suddenly dream of becoming a journalist. It seems lots of adventures and fun to be covering stories and stuff. Well, i still think it would be a great job but Malaysia's media were quite scary. If you know what i mean~
  6. Oh ya,  i even have archeologist in the list. Dad was like all weird. What kind of archeological work left now in Malaysia after Perak Man thingy. It just seem a fun adventures. Like in those movies like The Mummy and Indiana Jones. Hee.
  7. But now, i just wanted to be the coolest pharmacist ever. 
  8. With my own business which would not be limited to pharmacy stuff.
  9. The most important thing is that i can retired at the age of 50. Keje pon belum dah nak bersara bagai.
  10. In the future, i hope my family will stay as close as now. Lots of job need to be done to keep that.
  11. I always love to be good at singing and yup, it wil never happen.
  12. I dreams of finishing reading all the wonderful books in my house. But i get bored too quick and it tooks so much time to understand it.
  13. I would love to learn arabic. It would be splendid!
  14. Work harder on my personality and appearance. I do really believe that you do need to put work in these two things. Some may say i'm not being all natural but that is quite an excuse don't you think. An excuse for you not to work. I mean just look at all those successful person out there.
  15. Becoming more rajin to do self-project like cooking and artsy thingy. I love it but were much to lazy
  16. To find out another four dream. Oh my god, i can barely think of any other stupid dreams to put into this list.
  17. I got it! I want to become like the coolest mom ever that have the best kids ever. I have plans babe!
  18. Making my blog become bigger.
  19. Having an online bussiness selling used stuff. #prayforus
  20. To appreciate people better. I mean to really show it.

Oh my. Finish my first challenge. See you tomorrow!

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