Roll On : Killin myself

Sep 28, 2015

when you happy like a fool.
let it take you over.


I am currently on the bus heading back to UKMKL. I am at PPUKM now.

You see, people tend to postpone things that made them uncomfortable. Things they perceive as HARD. I am always doing this, hence, procnasting. I am talking about my thesis. It is already the fourth week but I only get 10 patient to answer my questionnaire. It is really stressful. But i am laughing of it.

I am giving reasons since i gives effort. Though i realize i need to give more. Also i need to study which cause me shuffling my time between so. I really really want to achive the original target of this questionnaire.

Then our timetable was shuffled. Annoying really. I got my appointment for my acne tomorrow and they scheduled a class tomorrow. And i only knew this TODAY. Yeah. Suck.

I am scared at to many things.

I am still not managing my life best. I need to look deep into my time and study and thesis management.

I want to write badly in my blog but i cant get a coherent points. I am literally babbling one topic to others.

See how messed up i am now?


  1. its okay afifah...all the best for your thesis....!!!
    banyakkan sabar n selawat2 banyak :)

  2. Kuatkan semangat... insya Allah dipermudahkan