Roll On: At lost and At Trying.

Nov 13, 2015

There are much BIG things happening now and I am never be much more taken with problems as i am now. I usually able to reason myself, to justify the issues and stop worrying. But this time, i keep on reassure myself  again and again and still have this troubled feeling.

Sometimes, we do really need to think long and hard on what were happening and critically assess what does it implies on our own life. Cause Allah always meant what He give to you. It moght be hard but it is never less not needed. Never. Then think, how others may carry on, those who have the same problems as you but are more less fortunate. How they are able to get out. Be those silent stalker and see what actually they do that i may need to do.

MAY need to do,

You never really need to follow other way simply because they have done it. You can do it much more as you but still be betting the same result though. Having said this, do trust yourself. Like truly trust yourself. Yesterday is a history. A stop. An end.Today is a new day. Just do what you want. Start as fresh as you need and never be troubled by yesterday.

BUT you NEED yesterday.

Not only your yesterday, but other yesterday also. Mistakes are beauty. Imperfection is perfect. But we just never really want it. So learn to avoid doing it by studying it better. Understand why it happen and how to not be happening. Learn to embrace it if it does happen. But never be to scare with the POTENTIAL of it and thus putting a barrier in your effort.


You always can do it. FULLSTOP.

just don't be so hard on yourself, they can do wonders if only you trust them and let them be.

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