Roll On : See the bigger picture

Nov 27, 2015

We keep this love in photograph - Sam Tsui and KHS making an awesome cover; currently on it as i keep on writing.

I used to handle some programmes and need to make some BIG SHOT decision. The pressure was intense. I am tensed. But at the end of the day, I learned so much.

One most VALUABLE i developed in the process is PATIENCE. I used to be quite hot tempered and being in these situations, with the amount of ignorance and stupidity people shows, is not going to be solved with that. Plus, it makes me more tensed. So patience is my solace.

I need solace. to be at peace. my peace is my catalyst. but, this world is chaotic. Peoples are chaotic. So what i had developed by this is to still be in control of myself regardless the pressure.


We always feel overwhelmed with things. My things may not be such an issue for you, but it is an issue. Same as, if I say I can't understand why you issues bothers you much cause for each of us, different matter, matter to us. ACKNOWLEDGE THAT.

You must first know you shits.

Know your limits. Know what bothers you. HOW it bothers. What cause the issue. Can you go around it. What you can do.


That is what i've done, I get personal with my issue. I learn to understand it thoroughly. Give myself options. What happen if i do this. or this. What to do know. PRIORITIZE. Most importantly is that i get myself the biggest picture.

If i got lots to do, i see the picture for a few days ahead. What to do today, do i need to withold this because i need to do other things which i need it done before tomorrow. Or do I give this shit today and other shit tomorrow. to be able to planned this out properly i need to see the bigger picture, to expect things. Know at what thing you need to push yourself more. Do i need extra effort somewhere.

Extra effort is still needed. Those burning the midnight oil and running all over the places is still necessary That is the beauty of this thing. Know how and when to make really go over the top because you can do it. Human are wonders. Your mind, body and soul is awesome. You can do many things. Don't let yourself stucked simply because "i have always do this like this, i can't do more". I really really REALLY believe we can be anything if only we trust ourselves. Give yourself the CHANCE it really NEED. Let them prove that they can do wonders. Get to know how strong they can be.


Please don't shut yourself out. Well, actually, i always do that at the beginning, usually by sleeping it off or watch a movie of something. If an issue bothers too much, you need to distract yourself, go play something, get your mind of it. THEN START FRESH!

Think fresh.
Lastly, be calm.

You know your limit now. What you can do or can't do. You have given everything their own time. Finish it ONE BY ONE. Get one thing finish completely before you go on other things. Be at calm and dont feel rushed by other people.


wanna share how i get attached to this guy

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  1. im the biggest fan of your a good planner, okay...and the rest lets Him decide, because His plans much perfect than ours..

    anyway, u must not get 360 degree with your problems..because it will going around and actually stop at the same should be 180 degree (max)

    actually i just want to say Hi...
    just kidding, lama tak comment kat sini