Roll on : about hating people.

Dec 14, 2015

I really doubted myself a lot when I hate someone. Usually I would wonder if it is really the wrong doing of that person or simply because I have initially build this hate to them.

The main reason I have this doubt because I don't do hating people. It feel quite absurd really. But I always get annoyed with people.

It is two very different thing. Yet i am pretty sure that my annoys is in the generally understanding of all as hate.


Back to the issue of self-doubt. I know why I don't like people. It is usually a thing they keep on repeating doing without caring how people feel or simply don't understand that people do feel offended. The doubt arise because I thought that maybe it was my ego. Do i feel i am better than them?

I got big ego issue. I might hurt people and people might tought i don't care about their feeling. The truth is I usually can put myself in others place. It is something about caring too much about the simplest stuff. However, still, i hurt and i do it purposely.

Does my ego come into my head at judging people? Does everything that make me annoy/hate to other make every simple not-right thing they do seem so wrong? Or does that it is their essence and then because i hate this essence that everything they do not seem so right on my eye? Can we hate a people simply because it is them?

I really do tired of people that annoys me. Either I give them the cold shoulder or simply said something sarcastically hurtful. Either way, i am doing way better without them even talking to me.

But either way, people sucks. Not all. But once in a while, even the best of people will do. Even me. Because not everyone can come into the same sense as you. So do you.

But i hated it since i usually tried to find the best of them and understand them so that i dont hate them so much.

It usually don't work.

Guess back to become ego then.


  1. Yeap. Couldnt agree more on this :(
    ppl sucks! and there are days i would actually hate everyone ugh

  2. try to ignore that feeling, but it still coming..
    #bestrong ^_^