Roll On : Fangirling

Feb 14, 2016

Dean is beautiful.

I'm on Supernatural marathon. Not quite marathoning since I watch it every now and then. I'm on season six and it was just awesome!

Dean is beautiful. Jensen Ackles is hot and stuff but as Dean he is just beautiful.

He is loving, funny, brave, stupid and much annoying. Much human really.

I hate fangirling like this but I can't help it!!

Dean is a really amazing awesome bonus actually. The fact is, Supernatural is good. I watched several tv drama like Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Bones and of course NCIS. Yet here I am hooked up at a real supernaturally fictionally ones.

It has nice storyline.
Variable characters.
They died multiple times.
Most importanly they sometimes do this twist like this one episode they were stuck in tv shows! Funnily the shows were actually parody. They got Grey's Anatomy and Knight Rider.

Seems like I watched too many tv. But really, these were during my highschools. I don't watch much when I went for matriks and uni. This time I actually go one by one. Even my sisters got weird.

Coz we got this habit to get bored easily.

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