Roll On : From flaming night and soothing dark.

Feb 24, 2016

When I first get into UKM. I was scared. I got no one I actually knew here and I'm not good at making friends especially when i'm not in a good mood. I hated orientation week. I still don't understand the kind of benefit I've actually procured from it.

Not only that, peoples seems to know others. You know that feeling when you have your own group of peeps and were contented with it and then not really wanted to go about and get to know each other. Well. I tried. It is frustrating. However, I managed to actually found a friend of friend of mine during matriculation. She understand me well as she is also been in the same situation and we were with each other company then. Thank god.

My roommate was awesome but since she joined performance things she can't be with me much. But i got to spend a splendid year with her as my roommate.

During those times, i remember feeling scared when i saw the night sky was bright. It almost felt like KL was on fire and the flames has been illuminating the sky. Well, of course it is not. It was actually the lights of KL.

In Manjung, the night sky was soothingly dark with stars. Sometimes, we went to the beach in Teluk Rubiah. The stars were so bright that we did not need much of lamp to guide us. Kind to think of it, we didn't actually bring any torchlight or anything. Walid will go about throwing his fish net and I''ll walk through the beach and amazed how I managed to guide myself with light of stars and moon.

I love Manjung. It suited me. It's my peace and slumber.
I love KL. It challenge me. There is always some adventures to spend time with.

An enchanting Tioman. 

I guess the point here is that, I've changed. These differences and experiences teaches me things. I am so not the way I used to be. I really like it too. Loved it. Things and tragedies have passed and I learned bits of me changes with each. I also feel contented. It was a really pleasant feeling. I am so grateful to be able to feel this feeling. c'est la vie.

Today is the third day of my last semester. I keen to make it the best one ever. Most importantly, I wanted to push myself in this last sprint.

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