Roll On : Suraya Nasi Kukus.

Mar 2, 2016

there is this restaurant in Kampung Baru called Suraya. We love it. The portion was big and the price is reasonable. It also tasted good and always packed with veggies. Their second branch is a walking distance from Plaza Rah. The first one quite far that we didn't bring ourselves to walk the miles.

The second branch have these Nasi Kukus and Nasi Briyani and other new menus than the first one. But they didn't have the famous varieties of kerabu (sort of Thailand salads with things like chilis and lemon as dressing). Only the mangoes ones.

So, actually. My sister took few beautiful pictures when we went there the first time. We tried the kerabu mangga and nasi briyani and nasi kukus. The chicken was marvellous. You could choose between grilled or fried. I preferred grilled of course but that abang waiter (who look damn confused) have wrongly took my orders. We keep on making those girly talks and giggles and stuff when we went there because he is quite cute. He seems less confused though,

I'll try to snap a picture on their menus later with their prices.

The ice-cream was so good with all their condiments.

the one focusing on the food. my sister. working her tricks.

the pictures taken using Redmi 1S. Don't be mistaken with Redmi 2S. As the picture watermark showed, she uses Candy Camera filters.

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