Roll On : Me is sad.

Mar 3, 2016

"Destiel stand for dean + castiel. Supernatural fandom were digging on this and Misha was having fun with it. He ship it alright. They have tonnes of Destiel fanfic. It's gay love of course."

Me is quite sad.

I just finished reading a fanfic on f*cking Destiel.
I am f*cking in love with Haley Reinhart voice singing Can't Help Falling in Love.
Then i am f*cking read someone commented he/she was lead there by a Destiel fanfic which seems pretty good considering they are others agreeing.
I just finished reading a fanfic on f*cking Destiel.

I have finished it. It was so good and there is this emptiness inside me like. whoahh. arghh. sigh.

It ended tragically and i hated how the characters was, but i can't ask it to be more perfect than it already is. i think because it is realistic that it hurts. It is a serious love/hate relationship.

The beauty of innocent love was captured ever so beautiful.
The strength behind it was so moving.
The way Cas' hurts, it was damn unfair.

The writers have done an excellent job. I do hope they can actually write a proper book and i would definitely buy them.

Look at me being all soft with a love story, but it was more than that actually. They set it during the Vietnam war when homo is in hiding and Dean even went to war. He get seriously affected by it. Both of them living a screwed life with even screwed up past and found happiness with each other company.Both were strong but vulnerable. I totally dig how they choose to run their life on their on term though life is this big boulder on them. It like when you feels like crap all that and get home to peace of your loved ones. it's their safe haven. Don't get me wrong, i dont do gay. It's just a beautiful love story with awesome plotline. Too beautiful.

It makes me wonder though, does love makes us stupid?
or does love is totally worth for the stupidity?

It is more than just a love story.

I just need to get this out of my chest. I'm going to have this emptiness sensation for sometimes in my life. I hated how books can affected me this way yet i love that i get the chance to own this feeling.

Me is quite sad.

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