Roll On: Four Reasons Why I Love iflix

Apr 14, 2017

(if you don't feel like reading this post, read the final sentence at least, PLEASE)

I know, I know, why bother subscribing and committing to any video-on-demand services when everything can be easily streamed illegally just by Google-ing it.

I mean, Sherlock's episode was out on the same freaking day.

Well, of course, I still bothered so much because I am using it for FREE.

#1 It's FREE!!

So, around the end of 2015, I started to submissively watch Supernatural. Around that same time, I started to see these ads about iflix. Apparently, they give one-month free use and the registration only needs a simple email address. They only have four seasons of Supernatural but it was enough since my semester break is nearing so I just download ALL OF IT at home. 

I re-registered with my two other email and got few more months. I don't know why it is so easy to fool the system.

Anywayyyyyy, when I have finished my studies I realize (at home) we can totally watch iflix without the need to log in. When I try to Google the why of it, I found out all TM user can use it for FREE until the end of this 2017. 

#2 I stream everywhere, everytime

When I was starting to watch Supernatural, their first season was not that good so I just watched the ones that are important to understand the main story arc. I was so eager to get to the juicy part. That is when I found out that I can stream it from my phone (using their mobile apps) and it even allows me to download beforehand, well hello there technology! I can easily watch it anywhere even though without an internet connection. With that fellas, that is the story how easily I get to the juicy part and totally  hooked with Supernatural. 

#3 It is not only about Supernatural

I thought that iflix only means Supernatural for me but even I need some time off from Supernatural. You see, I never bother to check out their collection at first. Later then I realized they have a good collection of sitcoms which I have left for the longest time. I thought a good half an hour laugh is good enough so I tried watching 2 Broke Girls. I am in love~

They also have plenty of high rated movies but only the old ones! Well, I knew I can only hope so much when their monthly subscription fee was only RM10. They do have plenty of other tv series like Devious Maids, House, The Mentalists yada yada but I didn't notice much because my time of watching tv series is over and I only got free time for Supernatural. As far as my sister concern, the have Mr. Robot. 

This cool looking banner made me watch Bungo Stray Dogs but the second season is not that much fun.
As you can see there, we are currently head over heels for The X-Files.

Fun fact: iflix got cooler because they have increased their collection this year and we got loads of anime now!

Warning: Some of the tv series they have don't actually have all the seasons. boo hoo.

#4 They even have Malay subtitle

I always use the English ones but sometimes when I am watching with my little sister, having a Malay subtitle is so good. I think there are few times they did not have the Malay subtitle but Indonesian subtitle would still work so we're good. Not to mention, being a Malaysia-based company, you can still found Tamil and Mandarin subtitle.

Bear in mind that I  never use Netflix and also this post is done conveniently because iflix has been easily accessible for me (as in FREE and I don't even have to log in). Besides, since it is Malaysia-based and now has spread it wings to multiple southeast countries, they got movies from those countries as well.

If you are wondering what are the differences between iflix and Netflix, click HERE

I have just finished watching Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) and now I am emo. So much feelsssss. If your internet provider is TM then click THIS and if it works, tell me!



  1. I loved iflix too and I'm using it for the English series marathon.. xD

    1. There's tonnes. You gotta share what's on your go to list!

  2. I love both. hehehe. butI have trouble finding times for myself in watching shows. :(

    1. That's why I have it on my phone. Kinda good because I have it on my phone and during my study at ukm when we have long hours on bus, I always watch iflix since I got dizzy if I choose to read.

  3. "I re-registered with my two other email and got few more months. I don't know why it is so easy to fool the system."

    I thought exactly like this too! And I hope it will never change because I'll be needing iflix after SPM. I'm so excited that they added anime collections to the website! I'll be binge watching a lot of shows after SPM.

    1. It's only rm10 so I guess if the system got the better of us, it really isn't much to pay.

  4. Never use both iflix or netflix, lol. But this souns so good.

  5. Tak pernah tengok kat iflix lagi, selalu tengok subsmovies ,hehe.