Websites That Suggest Movies

Apr 23, 2017

I am feeling so accomplished right now because I am writing this on Friday and it will be scheduled to be posted online on Sunday (which is today of course) because I'm busy for the weekend but I still wanna grab me some traffic during this weekend so there - a scheduled post!

I am so organised, woo hoo.

Before we go further, please help yourself and watch the Batman trilogies, Forrest Gump and the ever enchanting The Fight Club. If you have, AREN'T THOSE MOVIES GREAT!

Usually, when I want to watch something, I'll just Google top movies for the genre that I feel like watching. I'll just Google top action or top horror movies and I prefer to watch something that Rotten Tomatoes gave a high rating. To be honest, the list felt repetitive and I am quite picky which in turn made the list bores me so it got me thinking, there must be other ways to get movies suggestion.

So I Google-d for websites that would suggest movies and found this list from Crushable. I checked all 10 of it but only four that truly catches my attention so this post is going to show how they work and all.

Click HERE to read all 10 suggestion.


To properly experienced TasteDive, you have to log in. I just log in using my Google account. How I use it is that I just try to rate some movies and from there, TasteDive would give suggestions. They will keep track of all the movies you have rated which kinda works like Goodreads. For each suggestion, there would be the number of people who have rated it. I love it since they have "Meh" as an option for the rating. "Meh" a movie is a legit review okayy.

If you open the website right away, you can see the day's favourite as picked by their users. They list was quite fun as they feature not only the new movies but also some old movies. Even those on Netflix! I like how it feel to watch a movie that "everyone" watches and thus embarking into the hype as well.

This one got their own community so if you find any person who has multiple Likes of the same movies that you like as well, you can go and check out their review. Maybe you can find someone whose taste would fit yours. Oh ya, from all the four websites I'm sharing in this post, only Taste Dive have this community-based suggestion.

By clicking "Movies like this" I can get more suggestion of the same-ish movie.

But it does look fishy since three of these suggestions is Jason Statham's movies. Notice the number beside each movie title?

#2 Suggest Movie

This babe right here even suggest TV series and documentary. It does not require any login and I like how we can specify a time frame. The shortlisting process includes the movie genre (you can even put more than one), the rating and the language. They have two modes for suggesting - List Mode and Movie Roulette.

By List Mode, they would simply list all the movies as according to the criteria you choose but if you pick the Movie Roulette mode, it would pick only one movie randomly. Well, "roulette" would indicate the randomness but I found that if the criteria are the same, it would still choose the same movie. So, I went for List Mode only.

So this is Movie Roulette mode so it suggests only one movie. On the right side, you can see how easy it is to set the criteria.

This is the List Modes. I love how they have both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rate so I don't have to Google some more.

#3 Best Movies by Farr

This website is the coolest of all. You can see how professional the website is and generally the cool vibes. Or maybe I thought that it is cool because it always has lists that featured old movies. Anyhow, they also have daily suggestions and I think it would have the community-based setup but I'm not really sure. It is because I can't simply log in using my Google account and even though you can still log in easily using a Facebook account, I don't really like to do it like that so I don't.

It really is not much of a bother since the shortlisting process is so fun as I can choose the mood I want in the movies!

Upon opening the website, you would see the image scroll featuring the day movie suggestions. 
I like that I can choose if I want a fast paced or slow paced movies. Choosing blood-curdling mood is also a good treat, isn't it? As you can see, you can directly specify the movie's country.

#4 Which Movie To Watch

When I just feel that adventurous mode (read, too lazy to care), I think this website is just the one. I can just pick the genre and continue clicking the "Get Movie!" option until I found any trailer that catches my attention. It is the purest form of judging a book by its cover but then if it is really that boring, I can just stop watching it.

I do hope they have few more genre as it is so easy as I just need to click and click and click.

This screenshot and the above screenshot is simply the same chosen genre but I continue clicking "Get Movie!"

I'm still not sure which one is my favourite. Do you have any?


  1. weh nak tanya. goodreads tu kan mcm mana eh?? kita boleh baca secara free ke mcm mana?

    1. tak pasti if ada buku free kat mana mana. dia keep trakc lots of published books pastu org boleh la review. kalau mcm nak beli buku apa2 bukakla goodreads tengok review. pastu kau boleh record kau punya reading habit and boleh friend bagai semua. boleh la tengok kawan kau baca buku apa, suggest buku apa etc. itu kalau cara aku gunalaaa.

  2. Bahasa inggeris ni saya kurang sikit. Tapi baca jugak. Ada yg faham ada yg tak faham. Terima kasih kongsi.

    1. eh, mungkin juga penulisan saya yg bermasalah. terima kasih sudi melawat :D

    2. Tulisan nurul ok kot. Bi saya yang kureng.

  3. I don't watch movies online because I don't have a wifi at home. If I really want to watch movies, I will ask my friends and get it from them haha. However, I'm attracted with the first website that you've suggested because it has community-based suggestion! hehe.

    1. Wow, you have some good friends there. My friend on the other hand have some difficulties downloading movies and I think most of them only knows how to stream lol.

  4. Biasanya tengok kat google je. Ikut mood la, "Top thriller movie", "top horror movie" , tapi kadang-kadang specific sikit macam "top revenge movie" , hahaha. Jarang tengok movie romance & cheesy bagai.

    apapun thanks semua suggestion tu, boleh la try nanti. hihi.