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Jun 12, 2017

Roll On: Fuel Up Petron and Redeem It at Giant!

I notice Petron did a promotion for Eid and I thought to check it out and it turns out to be kinda a great deal. We've been travelling a lot these few days and if I notice this earlier, imagine the money we can save!

Let me tell you about Petron-Giant Spend & Redeem / Hypermarket Sweep.

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I guess in part of making some promotion for Eid, they also want to promote their new oil formula the Tri Action Advantage.

Here a fun story - I never cared about the kind of formula that oil companies come out with because I always thought oil is oil. Until one day I noticed how my scooter mileage were more when using Shell than Petronas. My aunt also experienced the same thing. I'm not saying Shell is better, maybe it just works better with me. With that, I am kinda excited to try out this new formula (I don't own a car but we do our own driving quite a lot).

The new Tri Action Advantage claimed to have better mileage, better engine protection and better engine power (I do hope this mean the car accelerates faster). 

Not only the promising better overall performance, I am also quite interested with the Spend and Redeem promotion they are having. It seems that they are working with Giant by giving vouchers to spend at Giant based on how much you spend buying their oil.  Giant also will be giving vouchers for us to spend for Petron's petrol. Kinda cool isn't it?

Here how to participate - just spend some money there!

So spending at least RM80 at Giant will entitle you for 1 Petron Raya Packet (we will get RM2.50 Petrol discount at Petron with a minimum Petrol purchase of RM50)

While spending minimum RM50 on Petrol purchase (you need to have their PMiles card) you'll get RM10 Giant vouchers (up two vouchers per receipt). Not only that, you'll be eligible for 1 auto entry draw. The lucky draw will win you up to RM5000 worth of groceries!

I do love buying groceries at Giant. Here in Manjung, they always have the best and cheapest bakery product. 

Ok lapar pulak.

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  1. Seronoknya.. isi minyak dapat voucher..

  2. saya pun slalu shopping kt giant gak xD

    1. saya selalu pegi Billion sbb Giant jauh sikit tapi suka lagi pegi Giant haha.

  3. kita tak ada kereta so tak payah fikir pasal minyak, haha


    1. Hahaha, saya yang pakai kereta ayah ni pon tak peduli sangat tapi bila namppak sangat beza mileage tu mmg cubalah tak pakai Petronas.

  4. Skrg semua org nk collect point la.. nk redeem benda... skrg kalau x ada card yg blh buat lagi murah atau dpt point.. biasanya org x akan dpt... skrg guna petronas card.. lagi senang nk dpt point

  5. selalunye buat loyalty card kena bayar kan? mcm ade certain company loyalty card tiap2 tahun kena renew.. tapi kalau royalty minyak petrol, mcm tu jgak ke lain?? hehehe xpnah pakai mcm gini lerrr

  6. point apa oh ni smua sama je ....

  7. Yg penting turun harga minyak dah cukup... nk kita saving... kurang belanja... tapi minyak selalu naik.. mcm mana nk saving.