Roll On: A Retweet Kind of Contest by @afifahaddnan ENDED!

Jul 18, 2017

So I have this contest idea brewing in my mind for quite some time. This is also the easiest contest ever and also, of course, the easiest gift as well (imma cheapskate)

My TWO cheapskate prizes are - that means two winners okay - chosen randomly.

1. Become my featured blogger (like this gal HERE) which means you will be on my slider thingy for a week.
2. I'll make a short video like that one in my About Me (sidebar) and you gonna be featured on my sidebar for a week.

lel. simple mimple dimple-tastic.

The rules are:

1. Quote one of the following tweets with #malaysianblogger - it is my tweets featuring my blog posts (the step by step to do this - if you don't understand - are  at the end of this post)

      - Roll On: Website That Suggests Movies
      - Roll On: Weekend Mind Expanding Movies to Watch
      - Roll On: Why Malaysian Get Fake Medicine and What To Do?

2. You need to have a Twitter account for that lah kann.
3. Comment your tweet link and your Twitter username.

The most obvious thing is that I will follow you afterwards (stalking much).

This segment will end next week - 18th July 2017 @ 9 PM.

Apart from the traffic, I was also thinking to get myself more blogger/twitter friends. The idea of Malaysia own Blogger/Twitter supportive hashtags is also quite tempting.


the how of it

Just click one of the titles and you will be directed to the tweet Like this.

Click the retweet button // if you use your fancy schmancy phone, there will be a "Quote this tweet" option - CLICK THAT

If you use laptop or PC , this will come out instead.

Type in #malaysianblogger. You wil see it changes to Quote. Tweet it!



  1. tweet link :
    Twitter username: ikah_tahir


  2. join

    tweet link

    twitter username: @amirasyukrinaa

  3. Tweeted

  4. tweeted :)

  5. Mcm menarikkk nie fifa... Insyallah akan join =)

  6. hahaha baca tadi mcm complicated.. bila tgok cara nak ikut rules tue senang ja pla..

  7. done tweet :) senang je :p
    username : @_aimansalleh

    1. Thanks for joining! Haha, senang je kan, arahan je melerettt

  8. ayyeee dooonnneeee :D

  9. Am I lame because I don't own a twitter account?

    #lol #iguessiamlame

    1. I am so tempted to you are (though it is nonsense) but i'm a nais human being so I'm gonna say "you are cool just the way you are"

  10. So excited to join. But i dont have twitter account la hmm

  11. yes, nasib baik sempat join lagi, hahah.


  12. alaaaa sekarang pukul 9:25 PM. OHMAIENGLISH hahahaha. aci tak nak join gak sekarang? heee

  13. takpelahh. i support you ;)