Roll On: Zalora's Shoes Haul For Eid and Self - Reflection (?)

Jul 3, 2017

My tittle is so long. Oops. It is T-I-T-L-E and I have been spelling it wrong for ages now.

Anyway. Happy Eidulfitri everyone! 

How I miss this blog! But this gonna be some quick update that I have to do as soon as possible so no dilly dally!

So, about two weeks before Eid, Nadia asked us if we want to buy shoes for Eid. There are some shoes going as low as RM20 at Zalora. I was so excited as there were few places here in Manjung that have a shoe collection to my liking and the prices are so expensive. So, the four of us got a pair each. I snap some pictures and even put some effort to have a white background. I even thought to edit it a bit so it will look better but I guess my diligence didn't go so far. Pardon for the crumpled background.

Let's go through it!

#1 FOR AIMAN - RM29 (reduced from RM109)


There were more choices for these kinds of shoes and start to choose weird ones. Fret not guys, the good sister Along (is are here to the rescue. I make him choose something clean and minimalist-ish like this one. Apparently, the material for the beige coloured one is those that crumpled and stays! I'm not sure if it smoothes back by time but I felt so cheated.

#2 FOR NADIA - RM25 (not sure how much the price was reduced) 


Nadia's was just perfect. I didn't choose this one since I want black shoes. She's been rocking this kind of flats for a few years already. I guess it is her go to shoes. I couldn't check the original price since it was already sold out.

#3 FOR ME - RM25 (reduced from RM59)


There were limited choices for me since there were smaller choices for shoes larger than size 5. I was being picky too but alas I got one! Though I was a bit taken aback on how complicated the strings are. It was too much work if I were to open and put it back so I didn't wear it during house visiting for Eid. To think that the main reason for me choosing this shoes is because it will look good with baju kurung. Mehhhh.

#4 FOR NATRAH - RM19 (not sure how much the price was reduced) 

Among all of the shoes we bought - Natrah's is just the best. I thought the shine might be too much but buy it still since I guess it will suit her childish looks (even though she is 16 already). It really does and it did not scratch too. All and all it was pretty durable for such a cheap price. The mousey ears make it even better and just adorable!

That was all and I even squeeze in a wrist watch but I am too lazy to put it here because it will deny the title~

The funniest part was that all these shoes were packed in the same package and it was huge!!

The self-reflection part is that - this is STILL the best shopping ever and the price does not increase which might be due to the fact it is almost out of stock. It does not decrease either. Lazada always has some price changes. But well, it was only about a month ago.

I enclosed this update with our invoice I guess. Before that, Zalora have 30 days free shipping return policy and give us their Pos Laju slips as well. Just filled that it, re-use the packaging (other packaging is okay too) and drop it at any Pos Laju branch. I have to return my wrist watch (defective) so this is me talking from experience. Angah return something to Lazada too and it is easy too but she need to fill some form while I literally just drop it. 


  1. Waaaa~ murahnyaaa mark down price nya. Berbaloi beli. nadia pun suka shopping dgn Zalora sbb senang murah byk cantik2 and tak suka senang return hihi

    Selamat hark raya , Fifa <3

    1. itu la, zalora kalau buat mark down tu mmg murah and rasa berbaloi beli. dah la banyak design cantikkkk.

      selamat hari raya too!

  2. Replies
    1. Awww thanks. That's really a good thing to compliment :*

  3. Bestnya tengok harga turun banyak macam tu.. Mai jarang buka zalora, hahaha, takut berkenan tapi tak cukup budget.

    1. haha, saya just bukak bila perlu ceni and akan siap2 set kan budget.

  4. wow murah2 nyaaaa jadi lepas dah reduce..

  5. bagus zalora ni bpleh bayar masa delivery juga kan..cantik kasut tu semua

    1. itula, sbb nak pakai duit ramai-ramai jadi buat COD je.