I Waste Away March

Mar 30, 2019

That was it. I wasted away my young and promising March and thus I'll end up getting old being lifeless. 


I knew I wanted less thing to do in March because the targets in February seems too overwhelming. Thank god for that or you guys would feel like I am a complete loser now. 


Anyway, back to my March's target.

Let's recap -

  1. Read two books
  2. Improve blog familiarity among other bloggers aka get to know more bloggers
  3. Post about that cooking thingy
  4. Try to walk more
  5. Eat less heavy dinner

Buckle up, this is one long, unnecessary story but I'm venting out. It's not really venting cause I'm not actually mad, I'm just so overwhelmed and so tired and now I can finally (semi) relax, I am so venting out.

I was supposed to have a penempatan semula when I got my license. It was scheduled on Monday last week. Amidst all the goodbye feasts, nervousness on going to a new place, packing stuff yada yada - I got the same hospital back. That means, I'm stuck here for another two years.I'm not even sure how to  react at that.

However, right from the start, I was ready to move out. Even if I got the same hospital back. I wanted to live somewhere else - a fresh start and stuff. Now, the packing and unpacking adventure starts. If you know me, I hate this kind of thing. Packing only to unpack? Pfft. Sign me out. But of course, there is no way out.

Since I'm still staying at the same hospital, it will be a waste to move out in the middle of the month so I'm stuck to live in a place where most things were packed and living bare for another week. Some of my stuff was already packed and were now in the car. So I have also live for a whole week with all kind of stuff in my car like some kind of hobo in a car. Not only that, I start to officially rent the new place on Monday. It was such a big pain in the ass to juggle working, tired from working and moving out. 

That was a horrendous two weeks. 

I lost Norwegian Wood for a good two week only to discover it in my car. 

My Mi band is out of battery and it has been a week but I still didn't found the charger. 

My favorite blouse got a big hole burned out when I first start to iron in my new place. '

I got so sleepy on Wednesday and Thursday at work from the lack of sleep and got real quiet on Thursday that my friends notice it. I only tell them it was because I'm sleepy and it is too hot. '

IT IS TOO HOT. The air-conditioner in our pharmacy is still down.

I got some acne breakouts and when one gets better, a new one pops out. IT WAS FRUSTRATING.

I was stress eating a lot.

With all of these happening, do you think I care about doing my goals? 

But that does not stop me from falling in love with Haruki Murakami's work. He is amazing! Oh ya, both books for my March reads are from him. I'm halfway through Norwegian Woods and I have also started reading Kafka on The Shore's ebook. I love these two so much. I decided to read these two first because Namjoom has suggested it.


Since my sister's phone got broken, I leave my laptop at home so that she wouldn't die out of boredom (our home PC was broken). I was going to buy some tablet-ish that will be easier for me to carry around but is still big enough so that I can do my blogging and watch Netflix. That left us with no laptop for the entire month. That is why there is still no update about my cooking thingy and the blogging around that I'm planning to do so that I know more blogs.

Funnily, I was looking out on my diet plan really well at the beginning of the month until I started to feel a bit bummed, y'know, the usual - need to continue my FRP life in the same hospital and all the trouble of needing to move out. I did a lot of stress eating.

I'm just not able to focus on anything until I finished my moving out so no trips planning too.

That zumba thing? With my room, all messed up and tiredness from lack of sleep and of these things happening? No.

But there are some good things I want to highlight.

1. We were staying at a cheap hotel in Shah Alam so that we don't have to go out early morning to lapor diri at JKNS. There is a thailand/japanese restaurant near called Madam Salma so we went there for dinner. It was so good and affordable. I haven't eaten good food for a really long time.

2. I did bought a tablet but it is somewhat a 2 in 1 tablet/lapto.  Basically it is small like a notebook but the tablet part is detachable. It is such a good buy. I'll make a post reviewing it.

3. I forgot that I actually own a bigger screen smartphone which means reading e-book is a whole lot comfortable. I snuck some reading when things get sluggish at work!


5. I didn't meet my old friends but I did went out to eat with my colleagues for a few times which is refreshing.

6. I just tried the Shinjuku bake from Secret Recipe. IT SO SO GOOD.

7. I don't think I will ever like korean fried chicken. It is among "good things" because I like discovering new things about myself.

8. BTS new album will be coming out soon and the trailer, Persona, is awesome! The beats was quite chill but I was more attracted to the lyrics. I can't wait for the whole album!

9. The best thing of all, as off this very moment, I finally move out and arrange everything nicely so that it is appropriate for a living mess called Afifah.

But I just notice that I lost my scrunchies and my favourite singlet.

Well, you win some and lost some.

p/s - I'll do April's goal in a separate post as I need to also do my quarterly review of my New Year resolution.

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  1. Fuh. You went through A LOT in march as did i. and the shinjuku bake is amazing!