April Targets - Go Big or Go Home

Apr 4, 2019

LOL. I am definitely going home but a girl ought to dream.

I was thinking to merge my New Year´s resolutions review with April´s target but since the review is going to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy longer while this is just a simple post, I decided to do this first.

I have officially moved into my new place and it feels good. I  am thinking to tweak around the arrangements a bit more and made it more chic like I did with my old place but for now, this totally works. 

Since I have flopped March so gloriously, let´s hope we can do a whole lot better in April.

The targets areeeeeeeeeee

*cue for drumroll please*

  1. Finish reading both Kafka on The Shore and Norwegian Wood
  2. Read one poetry book
  3. Finish reading Al Baqarah translations
  4. Do 5 poems discussion on Instagram
  5. Try to at least go to the gym twice a week
  6. Try to do at least 5 brush drawing practice (i think i have lost my brushes and watercolor)
  7. A detailed itinerary to Thailand that includes Hatyai and Krabi
  8. Write all 30 poems according to prompts from NaPoWriMo and update it into a thread on Twitter
  9. No sugary drinks except for my daily morning coffee EOD

EOD is this universally used medical terms that means every other day.

Is there anything you wish to achieve in Apil?


  1. My target la kan, mau diet .. 4 more kg to go ... Lepas tu need to finish quran reading b4 Ramadhan kunun so boleh baca dari mula bila start Ramadhan .(ni mmg big dream every year, tapiiii) ... all the best afifah for all the target in April ...