If I Were To Go To Krabi, Songkhla and Hatyai

Apr 30, 2019

It´s April and I finally did something for my "travel" resolution of at least plans one. By the way, it feels like ages ago that I started this post and I finally come back to it and finish it for good. The idea was that the planning itself might get you pumped up. It was initially just Hatyai. A quick escape. But then I thought, I should really go to Krabi as well.

Let´s just get into it. 

First of all, getting into Krabi. My best choice would be going to Krabi and travel down from there to Songkhla and finally Hatyai. I was excited about the idea of flying to Krabi and return by train from Hatyai. But getting a train from Hatyai is tricky. I might end up needing to take a bus.

According to Skyscanner apps (I planned this to be somewhere at the end of June or early July), the flight tickets can be around RM83 to RM100.  Bus ticket from TBS to Hatyai is RM70 and according to this blog it cost her RM85 to go to Krabi from Hatyai. She did say that she get a bad deal cause it can be around RM55 to RM65

On the other hand, taking a train from Hatyai will cost me RM120 (including the train ride from Hatyai to Padang Besar). I also budget around RM50 for transportation as it seems the tuk-tuk fare is quite cheap and we just need to walk more.

Apart from that, it is estimated that the bus fare from Krabi to Songkhla to be around RM40 while only RM5 from Songkhla to Hatyai. 

But, I'm not entirely sure that there is a bus trip from Krabi to Songkhla because there is only one source that I can found showing this trip and we need to change buses at Trang. I also can't find anything on EasyBook apps so I decided it will be best to go straight to Hatyai and take a trip via tuk-tuk or minivan to Songkhla for a simple day trip and went back to Hatyai.

Now let me show you my grand table of transportation fees. I can be too detailed sometimes.

So transportation alone has cost me (pergi balik)

  • RM 300 for both - if we take a flight to  Krabi and went back by bus // if we went to Hatyai by bus and take a van to Krabi and went back KL by bus
  • RM350 if we took the train to go back
  • Need to consider extra cost to go to KLIA
  • RM50 to spare for tuk-tuk.
By far, taking a bus will be the cheapest and less hassle but it's going to be such a long ride.

Next is lodging. It seems like Ao Nang is a bit high end and from my research on Trivago, I need to budget around RM100 per night for 2 people and around RM80 to stay in Hatyai (also for 2 persons). The plan was to stay for two nights at Krabi and another two nights at Hatyai. This summed up to RM360 or RM180 per person.

So, both transportation and lodging will cost me RM480

I also budget for a simple rice dish and trying some foods at Hatyai so maybe around RM35 per day but RM50 for my food venture at Hatyai. That will be RM200.

Now everything will cost me - RM680

Island hopping packages (including snorkeling)  may cost from RM100 to RM160 but we need to survey it ourselves. So that will total up to RM840

The plan was to spent our first day at Ao Nang simply strolling around and looks for a good package. The second day will be spent on island activities. On the third day, we will go back to Hatyai and maybe go to Songkhla on that same day.

As for the other activities, hopefully, I can also go to Ao Luk but I'm not a fan of kayaking lol. For Hatyai, I just want to go to Greenway Night Market, Asean Market, their floating market and do some massage. I think it would be nice to go to the municipal park and ride a cable car. As for Songkhla, I want to go to Samila beach, Tangkuan Hill, Songkhla old town and probably this municipal park with that big dragon head statue.


  1. i dont really like thailand but krabi might be an exception i guess.

    1. i just love the idea of beautiful sea so heck yeah krabii

  2. I'm in utter disbelief of how you could do planning in proper words. Anyway, nice planning! I've always wanted to try touring Thailand too maybe I'll put your planning into mine ;)

    1. lol, this took so much effort from me and i can't believe that i really didfinish it 🤣