We Don't Care April Has Ended (konon) and New Niche?

May 15, 2019

I got a revelation yesterday, I want to build a niche for my blog. Yes, I've been blogging for years and only now I decided to make a niche. But before we dive into that, I need to tell something. We went for iftar today and I knew the "terawih" here starts late so I thought I can still make it. But I got lost and when I finally found my way, it was way too late so I went back home. Yupp. I really did that. So now I'm updating my blog. 

Ok, first thing first. My monthly updates. I didn't set any goals for May because it's Ramadhan and I was just way too comfortable in my new house. Yes, I move out, again. The new place that I told before is just hot and too small. I kept on whining about it and a friend of mine at work suggest to move in together because her place is too dusty (she was being dramatic). Anyway, the idea of living with actual friends is so appealing. We got another friend of ours to move in together as well and now here we are under the same roof. Cheaper rent, more spaces, and someone to talk too after day work. It has been great. 

Ok, I'm sidetracked.

April's target outcomes.

  1. Finish reading both Kafka on The Shore and Norwegian Wood - DONE AND I TOTALLY LOVES IT
  2. Read one poetry book - i'm halfway lol
  3. Finish reading Al Baqarah translations - i only read like two pages. omg, got any idea to make it, like fun?
  4. Try to at least go to the gym twice a week - i gave up gym. if you read my depressing post before that hatyai thing,you'll know that i just don't want to that. i think i'll do more walking after ramadhan. 
  5. Try to do at least 5 brush drawing practice (i think i have lost my brushes and watercolor) - i only did once. but at least i found a blog that has this series of tutorial. i think my brushes are of poor quality that it didn't turn out well. that reminds me, i need new brushes.
  6. A detailed itinerary to Thailand that includes Hatyai and Krabi - DONE!
  7. Write all 30 poems according to prompts from NaPoWriMo and update it into a thread on Twitter - i wrote until day 15. or was it day 18? i put it all on my pinned twitter. it's going to take some time but i do want to finish all 30 prompts. 
  8. No sugary drinks except for my daily morning coffee EOD - i really did forget about this.

Wow, I didn´t do as bad as I thought I did. 

Ok now let's go onto my revelation in actually building a niche for my blog. The niche is (cue for drumroll) - ok i don´t know how to word it out. Basically, I want to do a blog that focuses on self-improvement and self-discoveries. I want it filled with things that can enrich life, life hacks and simply helping others to become a better version of themselves. It was also to help me to become a better me. Ok, tell me, what kind of niche is that.


  1. Good that you've find your niche! It's true that having a niche is good as you attract people with similar interest. My Tumblr blog grew pretty fast compared to my personal one lol due to the former being focused on Japanese language.

    I still couldn't get into Haruki Murakami books. I tried one of his books once in high school and found it boring but everyone has been singing praises on his writing so maybe I should try to read his novels again.

    1. i read semangat hutan and remembers that i do enjoyed it but then i also remember than adam is so boring. i started reading mikhael about two weeks ago and stil didn't continue it. the point is, don't worry if haruki is not your thing lol. but those two that i have read is so good so please give him another chance 😂

  2. I must say your niche is great! now for execute plan, need more reference regarding self-help and self-discoveries. :D good luck with that pypa.

    For me when it comes to reading translation - after reading them, i'll pick one ayat that I can relate too - and all the memory doing it part, jog on how I do that and what actually Allah gave. I also read some supporting material like watching you tube about al baqarah, the ibrah behind them.

    before i used to be like you too, but i just keep reading, and one day it struck and that is the day when i found out what that verses actually meant, sometimes we dont get it on the first time, but surely, we'll be there. ^^

    1. thanks for all your insight! i really appreciate it!! i'll try my best.

  3. I'm excited for you new niche!!

    lenne | blog

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  5. tbh i am still struggling with mine hahahahahahaha. i'm so happy for you

    1. awhh, thankss. don't worry about not doing as much. it's totally okayy