July is The Past and August is For Blog!

Aug 6, 2019

I did a poll to decide a suitable name for a Twitter account meant for that community blogger and it seems that @twtblogger_MY is leading. Once we figured out the name, I'll come up with a logo and make that account. If this sounded confusing for you, just read this, this and this.

(update - the twitter account is LIVE! Follow us @twtblogger_MY and join the #bloggerchat)

Glad to get that out of the way, now for life updates. 

I still didn't do my half-year review since I don't have the time to do that just yet. I was honestly going to go to sleep since I still need to work tomorrow (plus, today is Monday for heaven's sake). But you know what made me turn on my laptop and write? My warm tea. The still-warm tea that I made two hours ago in the spirit of updating my blog but now it's already 11.30pm but I don't want to betray my tea so yeah.

As I have told before, I don't have any goal set for July but decided at the last minute rather suddenly to use the last 10 days of July to do three things everyday namely - 

made my bed, drinks 2L of water and sleep by 11pm

I successfully did my bed every day except for this one day that I got other stuff messing my room thus it feels like mehh to make my bed when my room is a mess. It was good going home to a made bed because it makes me try to also make sure my room isn't a mess too. I'm not a messy person but I usually just leave my morning hassle and put things back when I got back from work. It is more therapeutic to go home to a tidy room and be able to go straight into chilling. I remember feeling a bit bad on that one day that I didn't make my bad. I didn't think it will affect me that soon.

As for drinking, I bought a new tumbler that holds 2Lof water. I think it was on the fifth or sixth day that I drink just a little more than 0.5L because we were so busy that day that I don't even get the time to drink. Back home I got so tired and went to sleep early. There are few days that I think I only get just a little more than 1.5L. I don't think drinking water really do anything instead of peeing more often. I've been doing it for sometimes because drinking more water makes me feel hydrated and cool but that's just about it. I still keep in mind to at least drink more plain water but I don't feel the need to drink so many. The new tumbler is staying since it is easier to track how much I have been drinking.

Last but not least, sleeping early, if 11 is considered early. Funnily, the very first day I started this challenge, I got a night shift. My sleep schedule always goes funny for at least another day after it so no sleeping early for those first two days. I think there are about one or two days that I got busy so I only went to bed at 11 but the rest I really did try but I can't and by the last two days I gave up. I think I'm good with sleeping at 12 am for the rest of my life. My sleeping schedule is always fixed this way too even on weekends so yeah, not sleeping early than 12 am for me. 

The goal of that three habits for 10 days is a win-win thing. If I keep doing it, means it is good for me to do but if I don't, I got to reflect why I don't and sees if it is just a matter of discipline or just learning my body boundaries.

Ok now for August!

Ever since I decided that I have a blog niche, it feels more purposeful to have this blog. I did a little tweak here and there, try to read more blog that helps me understand more on how I wanted my blog to be presented and most importantly, getting into more knacks that helps me to connect with more blogs. These knacks include getting in Bloglovin, using Disqus and do more research on a good community blogger out there. I found one good community called Bloggerstribe that I actually like (I don't know why I'm so picky like this). It seems to have more blogger with a writing style that I preferred and a rather interactive presence (as interactive as twitter can be but it is honestly the admin did a good job).

Now in the midst of all that I forgot one most important thing. I don't have content. I keep on thinking I am this now but I have very little to show that I am what I say I am. 

My new niche is all about self love, self discoveries, mental health and lifehacks/tips. Basically, it is a means for me to be better in my life. So now for August, I will focus on my blog content which means (1) more reading and (2) more writing.

August to do then includes - 

  1. List out TWO topics for the theme of self love, self-discoveries, mental health and lifehack/tips each.
  2. To publish at least three topics.
  3. To learn more from other bloggers aka read more blogs
  4. To go through with my Malaysian community blogger project.

I am so excited for this but now it is almost 1230am and I'm afraid I will wake up late tomorrow and MY OUTFIT IS STILL NOT IRONED.


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