(almost) 30 Things I Love About My Life

Sep 18, 2019

I am actually excited about this. But still, 30 is a lot so my list will be totally random and probably out of place. On the flip side, I think I can also do a good list of 30 things that I hate about my life but no, we will not venture onto that path.

I have actually abandon @twtblogger_MY for a whole week but that's another thing to be bothered on another time~

30 Things I Love About My Life

  1. I manage to write the other two posts for September and this is the third one (provided that I manage to finish it today)
  2. My colleague just borrowed me her copy of Breathe and I love it!
  3. I'm also reading Pinball at the moment and I love how it feels so dear to me somehow.
  4. We (my colleague) went to Mykori yesterday and this western food restaurant today. I love how relaxed we were able to sit together, enjoy the food and just enjoy each other company.
  5. I put this wax stuff on those leather surface in my car and it was so satisfyingly shiny and I was hit by this epiphany on how much freedom I got by having my own car so yeah, I love my car lol.
  6. I realized that Cameron Highland is THE  good quick getaway for me
  7. I told a friend of mine about my awful car accident, made some stupid joke about it and it just feels good to be able to say that freely.
  8. My skin has been breaking out again and the sense of self-consciousness, insecurities, meltdown and everything in between hits me so hard. I don't want to be bothered by it. At this stage of my life, I just wanted to accept everything as simply me being me and that I'm not flawed. So now I keep on slowly instilling this belief into my own self (and hopefully I'll be filled with so much self-confidence that nothing can shake me) and I love that I'm able to be at this stage.
  9. My sister has been doing so well in her classes at the community college and I love it when she randomly texted me telling about her class assignments.
  10. My youngest brother seems to be growing healthier, happier and more active. It feels so good.
  11. Two of my aunts randomly went on a road trip together to my hometown and randomly made a stop at the hospital to visit me. It was wild. They didn't even bother to call me beforehand and I love that I got such a surprise visit from people that loves me.
  12. I've been sleeping better for the past few days. I love sleep.
  13. I went to a schizophrenia lecture last Tuesday and I'm able to learn a lot. Learning is fun and I hope I can get more opportunity as such in the future.
  14. Sometime last year, I have decided that I wanted to wear only either monochromatic colours or something nude and plain. This decisions still lives on and I love how unbothered I was when my colleagues told me that I need to wear more colours.
  15. I've been adhering quite well onto my skin routine. Even though progress is hardly visible, I love how well discipline I am being.
  16. Work has been quite enjoyable. I made a point to just chat more and made more stupid jokes.

updates - I wrote this like almost a month ago and I didn't update it. I keep on thinking to finish it later and later and later never came. It become those thing that I procrastinate because I don't like doing it and making myself continue writing this kinda denies the purpose. So I decided to just stop it there. I don't think it's like those moments I became too negative or whatnot. It just feels weird to make myself think of moments that made me feel happy and then later on feels like, is this even valid? 

Well, to make few more notes, I'm excited for some stuff I just bought online the other day. I have few off days to just do nothing which is exciting. I went to Sangkar with my colleagues which is such a funny experience. To top it off, I'm currently waiting for our MA famous "nasi kerabu and nasi dagang"

Life's good. Writing it feels weird lol.

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