Covid-19 Diary (Part 6) - Not Being Fine

May 16, 2020

Here is my series of unfortunate events. Before that, please bear in mind that I wasn't feeling all that good. I have used up all my positivity so now I'm just plain hungry and gloomy all day long. Plus, you know how we can now cross between district but not between state?  What that means is that I can't go home but all of my colleagues can and some of them were being so inconsiderate. Keep this in thought as you further read my story.

It started rather ominously as I realized that sleep is so hard to come by and I keep on waking up a few times during the night. But officially, it started last Thursday night when I realized that I forgot the lock pattern for my new phone. Upon multiple attempts, I just knew I won't remember it at all. So I had the phone underwent factory reset. There are some photos that were lost but thank god it is still MCO so there are not many important ones but it was so annoying as I had finally finished customized the phone to my liking only to redo it again. I don't know about you guys, but my phone's functions are specifically tailored. 

The next day, as I needed to work the 2-10 shift but still feeling all sad and shitty, I decided to sleep after Subuh, which of course I can't. So I just lay around for like two hours before I finally sleep. I was supposed to do some stuff in the morning but I just don't feel like it so then I feel bad for not being productive. Then the worst happened when I realized that I left my home keys inside my housemate's car. Thank god she picked up the phone and came back home to save me. But it was a 20-minute journey so I still ended up being late to work.

Then, while working in the emergency pharmacy, I got out for a while to get myself some drink for iftar and the waiter misheard my order. I don't know what's got into me but I told him "nak order air, teh ais satu" instead of just "teh ais satu". I kinda feel obligated to tell him I just wanted one drink as peoples actually came for the variety of lauk the restaurant have instead just buying ONE drink. Yes, I know. I was overthinking it so he ended up misheard that I also wanted milo ais so that is how I ended up with two drinks. 

Oh ya, on that same night, I have also realized that both of my newly bought type c cable won't work with my power bank and it is so baffling since I specifically bought a short one for the ease of use with the power bank. It cost me RM18 each!

To top this off, I hit a biawak on the way back home.

I was ready to pity myself to sleep but there's a glimmer of happiness set for me still. What's good is that my housemate has some extra chicken curry that she left for me. A good curry is such a comfort food for me. I think she remembers that I love curry. I didn't eat much during iftar so I finished that leftover rice I had with the curry and even though sleep still hard to come by, I feel a bit better. I spend the next morning playing games and watching animes simply to take my mind off thing. I take a nap at noon which lasted until 3pm and it was a good one. I woke up and planned with my housemate to buy this delicious chicken rice for iftar and also do our laundry as the self-service laundry has started operating. I told her about how cute this anime I am watching called Cells at Work and I realized that I didn't talk much for the past week and it feels good to talk about random stuff. I guess the good nap, not having to face my colleagues during the weekend and the prospect of seeing my friends tomorrow really put me into a good mood.

I am still not fine though and I just don't feel like talking much when I got to work this week and it just wore me out so much. It is not helping that I got to work this weekend. I don't know. Kinda want that chicken curry right now.

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