Hannan Medispa Review (Part Two)

Jan 3, 2021

The dalgona coffee that I drank last night has made it hard for me to sleep and I keep waking up the entire night but I still feel refreshed this morning. It's already 8 am but the weather wasn't as bright as it is still raining which actually started around 1a.m. . I'm a bit dreaded to expect the pool of water on the road that will surely give me anxiety. 

Anyway. I need to write something because I need a change of pace and I thought that this is the time I finally write Part Two of my Hannan Medispa Review 

It just occurs to me that I have forgotten most of it and that I have changed my purse to a smaller one so I'm not sure where the heck is my Hannan Medispa's appointment card that wrote the last three types of treatment. There are going to be so many holes in this review so I am sorry in advance #lol.

First thing first, recap! If you've read my first review, you would realize that I have six sessions for acne and two sessions for scars/pigmentations. But since the acne healed well by the fifth session, they change the sixth acne treatment into something appropriate for my skin which in this case, an extra session for my scars/pigmentation. So this review is going to focus on that three-session regarding the scars/pigmentation.

The three sessions include a trichloroacetic acid peeling and two derma pen session. The derma pen session uses different solutions which I can't recall exactly what I have used. I think one of them includes salmon DNA something with Centella and the other one is vitamin C, I think. I'm pretty sure it was vitamin C cause I remember precisely associating vitamin C with the stinging pain afterward. Yup, definitely vitamin C.

The TCA session was great. My skin peels for a week and it was super dry but it greatly reduces the pigmentations and my skin tone looks much toned. The old scars are still there but I loved seeing how healthy and glowing it looks. I knew I will take forever to write this so I make a thread on Twitter about this as the peeling go. Please read the thread if you want to understand my TCA peel process better. The short story version is it basically means my skin dries and peeled off and it works.

I did the peel in January and I should have one-month downtime before doing my next dermapen session but then PKPB happens. So it was once the PKPP started, which was months afterward, that I did my dermapen but the result wasn't as pleasant. Bear in mind that I needed to wear a mask all the time at the hospital and plus the stress kinda gets to you. It didn't occur to me at that point that my breakout was coming at me again and the dermapen can't be as successful because the micro-needling kinda causes me acnes. 

It wasn't a full-blown breakout but still. Anyway, both dermapen causes skin purge but the second one kind rose into a mild breakout although initially, it has healed nicely. I think I did something that causes the breakout but I'm sorry I just can't share any good results from the dermapen sessions. 

Needless to say, since the covid is staying for a while, I've decided to restart my Accutane. I'm still searching for an easily accessible clinic near me and lowkey decided I might just take Accutane for the rest of my life.

Now that sounds depressing. Maybe until I decided to get kids. I need to get married first. That sounded like a long time to go.

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