10 Minutes Quick Writing

Feb 22, 2021

 I need to be in my car and drive to work in exactly half an hour and I haven't even dressed yet but I have taken a bath. I feel like I need to write something seeing how dull I have been feeling for the past week. It started with my three day holiday because I got a day off during Chinese New Year. I can't go home but I was ready to chill and just do some catch up with my current animes or Criminal Minds (I have indeed starting to watch Criminal Minds for season one) but it turns out as a disaster.


I get sweaty all day long and keeps on waking up at night because it was too hot. It wasn't as hot in the morning so then I end up sleeping until 11 or 12 pm and the cycle continues for the three whole days that it seems surreal to get back at work on Monday. But it's okay, I got an air cooler that keeps on leaking so much water, and decided to just use the fan mode. We only have three staff currently so I will be doing evening shifts most of the time and that's just worn me down and did I tell you how HOT IT WAS THESE DAYS??? 

It wasn't helpful that I didn't get good sleep for a couple of day so now it was harder for me to fall asleep. I think it was last Wednesday that I got so tired that I fall asleep early but end up waking up at 3.30am but I can get back to sleep so I legit got up, tidy my room a bit, put on a sheet mask and just scrolled TikTok until 630am in which I feel a bit sleepy so I go back to sleep but I still keep waking up and got up at 930am.

The fan mode chills the room a little and turns out I need to keep the window open so that it can operate better. But I force myself to sleep on Friday and woke up early on Saturday. Went for a massage, finally fixed my door knob, and figure out what's wrong with the air cooler (apparently a tube was disconnected so I just plug it in). I got a really good sleep yesterday and make a good breakfast though I keeps on scrolling TikTok so now I need to go and get ready but it feels good to write this.


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