This "Malaysian Blogger Blog-list" is a simple list of Malaysian based blogs with some rules of course. On 6th of August, I started this mini project to collect as many blog's links as possible to make this ultimate database. It is supposed to help me do random blog walking easier and I hope it can do some help for you guys too.

You can submit your blog's link by commenting in this post your blog's tittle and your blog's link

The rules to be blog-listed here are -

1. Must update regularly
2. Good and original content - ie not viral-ish news guys. I can read Twitter for that.
3. I don't mind if you sell stuff but if your blog ONLY sells stuff. I'll put it under "shopping" category.
4. As for now the blog will only be sorted according to the language it is written in
5. If anyone still didn't notice - you must, of course, be Malaysia. Okay. Thanks.
5. Any suggestions? Just comment it here.

These reasons served as to make sure this list is filled with true and passionate bloggers. I want people to meet actual people sharing actual life experiences with actual love for writing.

By the way, the numbers in the bracket are the year of which the blogger was born. Kinda help to see the kind of writing/maturity of the said blog.

Help me spread the words because I can't do these alone guys so please, PLEASE help me.

Anyway, don't forget to do your blog walking!


- i am updating the list into google docs so that it will be more organized and easier for me to add more blog. this is still a work in progress.

Bahasa Malaysia written blogs

  1. Anina Shyqin by Anina Shyqin  (1996)
  2. Blog Anamizu by 000000  (1986)
  3. Muhammad Shahril by Muhammad Shahril  (1997)
  4. Nadhie Wueen by Nadhie Wueen  (1993)
  5. Sii Nurul by Nurulatika Yunus  (1995)
  6. lifewithlove by Nona (1993)
  7. Picisan Hakim Ramli by Lokman Hakim (****)
  8. MOHD NOoR SHAWAL'S BLOG by shawal (1999)
  9. ☞❁ NN Izati ❁☜ by Nat  (1997)
  10. Zafirah Nazri by Zafirah (****)
  11. areumdawa by Nurul Atikah (1997)
  12. Kasihku Amani Imani by Shahida Dzulkafli (****)
  13. BILA LELAKI BERBICARA by Noor Azlan (1983) 
  14. Adelia Zahrah by Adelia Zahrah (1998)
  15. Haslina Kasbulah by Haslina (1992)
  16. FYRA ROSMN by fyrarosmn (****)
  17. Queen Syanissa by Nur Syafiqatunnissa (1999)
  18. Cetusan Irda Garmin by Irda Garmin  (****)
  19. Bidadari Superb by Nur Fatihah (****)
  20. Oh! Thrillers by Tashira (1996)
  21. Jotgasm by Izzat Azhar (1997)
  22. Another Me by han (1992)
  23. Leyla's Blog - Dreaming in Blessed by Aswaleyla (****)
  24. Seorang Syed by Syed Abdul Hakim bin Syed Adnan (1993)
  25. Sarip Dah Tak Lejen by Sarip Kumbang (****)
  26. Diary of Ana Suhana by Ana Suhana (****)
  27. ceritadarikotakhati by Nonon  (1992)
  28. Nota Fendi by Fnd  (1987)

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