Roll On: Bloggeroid vs Blogger app

Oct 14, 2016

Hey! Assalammualaikum :)

It's kind of funny how here, in Malaysia, saying/texting hey to someone was actually sounded pretty rude. No one going to understand how endearing I felt it is.

Just say it softly, excited-ly and whole lot of glad to a person that you like.

I'm testing this Blogger app. Last time I use this thing, it was hopeless. I can't remember why though. I just remember that i've given it a few tries and it didn't work. Thus, I opted for Bloggeroid app. It is quite basic but does the job. However, this new and improved Blogger app was quite nice.

I like that I am able to bold words.
i can also italize now

Can't do that on Bloggeroid.

Bloggeroid interface was quite, well, hideous. It is basic really. When I want to add pictures, instead of showing the pictures, there was only this coding. While this fella interface was fine as heaven.
I like how professional it looks.

But, I can only like attach pictures but I can't specify where it is going to go. In Bloggeroid you can specify it.

Ohya Blogger app can insert link into text; like THIS but Bloggeroid can't. I think it can but I never use it but this Blogger app made it so easy to use.

It gets better. I can now review back my published post and my draft as well. It Bloggeroid, you type and post and thats it. It is so great because I always have typos and horrible-contruction-of-sentences.
So, there was only one downfall. I can work with that since i only use one picture per post nowadays.
I was hoping this Blogger app was the whole dashboard. Or at least I can check if there are comments need to be published which of course, RARELY HAPPEN.


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