Roll On: Cikgu Afifah, LOL (the end)

Oct 19, 2016

It has been a week now in which I have stopped teaching. The final day was nothing much. All the classes have known   that I'm no longer teaching them. I told them few days before except for this one class which I forgot to tell.

"Cikgu last ajar esok"


Well, the kids have gotten used with substitute teacher to come and go. I was acting all macho as well. No sad farewell speeches. I just remind them to study for the upcoming final year exam.

One of the class has been requesting selfies for weeks so I got a farewell selfies with them only.

Omg. Am I doing farewell thingy wrong? I remember during our last day in UKM we were like, how do people do this farewell thing actually?

But i'll always treasure them. I just don't think they will realize that.

The teachers was so great. We have two teacher's room; both on different building and even different level. One were smaller which only got about 15 to 20 teacher. I was in that smaller room.

It was good since i'll be able to know them  better.

Funny thing is, they have two separate farewell party for me. I have to eat twice. They made a potluck so everyone were cooking. One of them was like,

"Dah berapa hari akk tak masak, harini akak masak utk afifah"

They are so so sooo nice.

I didn't get any present from the students though. *cough

So how was it?

A friend of mine was seriously asking me if i've changed my mine to go on teaching.
With how pharmacy's PRPship getting so hard to get, i actually consider it!

I never thought I would be a person who study other thing and work other thing. Especially something so specific like pharmacy. I don't want that to go to waste.

But i also know now how different work actually feel now. Well, the tip of the iceberg only but I saw and  I understand. Well, my parents were teacher and i've been a student forever now.

I also learn some bussines ventures thingy and my dad does have his own palm oil plantation.

Then there is this relative of mine doing bussiness of all sort while some were being simple clerk.

I learn bout how this pharmacy manager work for about 15+ years.

Lots more really.

I'm taking all of this in.

I am never going to push away those chances and oppurtunity simply because i've made pharmacy into a degree. Life is so much more than that. Getting a degree grant you even more in life and none of that mean to settle for one thing only.

With that I made a promise, i'll try to work into this pharmacy world. Specifically the industrial setting. For 3 years and see how it goes.

Lets conquer the world shall we?

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