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Jul 28, 2017

Roll On: Treating My Acne With Aiken Pimple Cream and Aiken Tea Tree Oil

I have been preaching Aiken so hard.

I have told you guys about how Aiken helps since I have a sensitive skin (HERE) and how awesome their moisturiser is (HERE) - but I save the best for the last. Their amazing products which help greatly to reduce and even heal my acne.

but I won't lie how it still makes me super conscious at times.

There are two of it which is Aiken Tea Tree Oil and Aiken Pimple Cream.

Quick recap: Aiken uses tea tree oil to combat acne so generally all their product have tea tree oil.

Based on the names, you can see the main difference - one is in the form of oil while the other one is in the form of a cream. This means that the oil ones are more concentrated than the cream ones; rocket science. This then also means using the oil ones will help to clear out acne faster - so why do they make a cream one?

The thing about tea tree oil is that it has a drying effect and can be too harsh for your skin. The cream ones thus dilute it plus are so hydrating (water based) thus not only it delivers the tree oil into your skin but it also helps to moisten the skin if the tree oil is becoming too harsh.

I used the cream ones mostly after I stop eating my Tretinoin. This is because my skin is still so dry which makes wearing the tea tree oil ones feels uncomfortable. Now, even though I still have dry skin, it wasn't like too dry so I switched back to the oil ones. Apart from dryness, I don't have any other issue with the oil ones and I do prefer it more since it acts FASTER.

Sometimes there are small bumps on my face and I dab tea tree oil onto it and the bumps clear out next day. It was just that wonderful!

Including the RM5 postage, it is still a bit cheaper.

The cream ones may take two or three days and that only will work if I apply I two to three time per day. Yet, it is good to have cream ones if you're going to put on makeup since you can be dabbing oil onto your face before putting makeup. That kinda defies the purpose of makeup now, doesn't it?

Oh ya, you simply dab the product onto your skin. Both cream and oil. It is way better to start putting it when there seem to be bumps, even small ones. Work better is you still didn't pop it since it is not really a choice for wound healing. Better to use a small cotton pad for the oil ones if you have dry hands like me. Why everything so dry??? 

Tea tree oil has been well known to help in treating acne and Aiken was actually a cheaper choice. I have tried Oxy10, Cosmoderm and topical clindamycin which didn't work much so I am so glad to land on Aiken. 

All hail Aiken.

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  1. Still haven't figured out yet which skincare is great for my skin. Currently use nutox but goona switch to cetaphyl.

    1. My cleanser is cetaphyl too. It is a really good product and I dare say it will suit any skin.

  2. maybe i should try this too !

  3. Most with pimples are using aiken :D

    1. None of my friends used Aiken though. Maybe not many of them got acne problem lol.

  4. yesss! BV memang suka aiken tea tree oil, murah dari yg lain tapi sama je kan 100% tea tree oil. best sebab ada tingling/cooling sensation bila letak kat pimples. tapi makesure to use moisturizer, sebab BV pun jenis kulit kering, bila letak aiken nie kekadang jadi lebih kering pulak kan T^T

    1. betul! murah dari brand laen. sebab kulit kering tak pakai cleanser dia. pakai cetaphyl, sort of balance out.

  5. Tea tree oil memang terkenal utk baiki parut muka. Byk produk guna tea tree oil ni. Kita kena tahu mana yg ok dgn kulit kita.