My Poetry Books Collection

Jan 29, 2019

I always banned myself from buying books because there are a lot of books that I have and still not read. But I always come to justify poetry books, especially the local ones, because it is just so hard to come across ones. 

and now, me, not an avid reader, got a small collection of poetry books. There are those that I didn't read or not yet finished reading, but I'm planning to read it all (read it again for those that I have finished) which will be included in this year To Be Read (TBR).

click on the title to be directed to Goodreads and I'm sorry for taking such shitty pictures.

All The Bodies We've Embraced by Sheena Baharudin

I think Sheena is the first important Malaysian poetry figures that I knew. Quite conveniently, after knowing and at awe for about a few months, Sheena published her second book. I can't remember how I bought it though. I loved how the book filled with such humanity, complete with how simple or complicated things can be. I like her style too. She is a good spoken-poet as well and now I'm excited to re-read the book. Go check her Instagram!

Magic and Madness by Zack Shah

I say that I like Sheena Baharudin's style right? I LOVE Zack Shah's style. The titles summed it so well - it is filled with magic and madness. I always try to incorporate these two elements when I write my poems, so loving this comes come naturally. He plays with wizardry, the Greeks, pixies and moon and stars - I am hopeless. I'm still waiting for his new book (which God know when) and his Instagram account is not enough. I think he saved the good ones for his book.

21 by Tasha Lim

Tasha Lim self-published her books so there is no Goodreads review of it. I knew Tasha from my Instagram poetry meddling. I met few Malaysian poets on Instagram and we even did this small project where everyone needs to make a post about "hope" to celebrate New Year of 2017. You guys can check #newhopefromMalaysia (but you'll find plenty of work from Jack Malik which I'm pretty sure he just copy paste his hashtags and keeps on putting that hashtag). Enough about that, Tasha's poems stays true to her style of rhyming. Although there are plenty of love poems, it wasn't those cheesy and repetitive ones so I still enjoy it. Think of it as that light, breezy, Sunday morning reading with a cup of hot Milo. Her friend's drawing is so cute too.

Paracosm by Arina

I accidentally found this book and Arina is awesome. Apparently, she starts writing poignant poems at the young age of seven years old. Her works is all about humanity. She wrote about the war at Afghanistan, how people had to flee their county and she even wrote a piece dedicated to Aylan Kurdi. As you can see, the book was published by Tun Suffian Foundation because apparently, the sales of the book will be given to the foundation to provide scholarships. She is around 18 when she published this book. Look at her drawings too! This is one crazy-talented girl.

Daylight Dialogues by Charissa Ong Ty

I also stumbled upon this one and I'm still reading it. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. The poems are easy to be understood but it sometimes feels like more of a really well-written sentence than a poem. It does deliver the message, even though the messages are mostly about that naive love and how it becomes passionate and then comes heartbreaks, which I think why it becomes so popular? I noticed such poetry books becomes popular and it saddens me because it isn't my type. So I can't really turn to "that famous poetry book" if I want a new reading. The short stories were good though and it is most probably because it stops being that cliche'.

Lullabies by Lang Leav

Now I can't really say poetry if I didn't read Lang Leav's right? Her book always sit at that best selling throne is MPH and Popular but I never buy one because INTERNATIONAL BOOKS IS DAMN EXPENSIVE. This is a preloved book and thank god I decided to buy a preloved one because it is so boring. Why can I like something that everyone likes? Again, it is the repetitive, love and heartbreak and not to mention her style are the same throughout the book. Sometimes, it kinda feels that I simply read the same poem in a slightly different arrangement. She does have that good "plot twist" thing that I love reading in a poem but apart from that, I can't really think of a reason to buy more of her books. I read it halfway and got really bored. Gotta re-read it and put it behind me.

There is one more book that I'm planning to read but I still don't buy it. Same like Tasha Lim's, it is a self-published book by Nuruljannah. I also knew her from Instagram. You can check her Instagram to buy the book. I think I'll just update this list when I finished reading her book.

That is all!


  1. This is my first time reading someone does not like Lang Leav's poetry as much. Very interesting. I haven't got a chance to read her books but I plan to buy one soon. Tapi, bila dah ada orang cakap macam ni, I'm reluctant to buy one now T^T

    1. NO! you should decide it yourself. just try to read some at the bookstores. and if you like, preloved books are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper.

  2. Apparently you are not alone. Not a fan of Lang Leav too. I like Sheena's style. Thank you for the recommendation tho!

    1. someone know sheena! i'm so happyyy.

  3. Okay I feel you as I actually just spent hundreds of bucks on books in just ONE day. I'm dead. so dead. but it worth every penny i spent as i was having fun picking and choosing all the books i wanted with one goal in mind, "i want to read all of these within a year.". let's hope that it turns into a reality. I couldn't lie but the satisfactions i gain every time I purchase a book actually release all the stress away and it's like a therapy. I love me!

    1. this makes me remember ariana's song 7 things but like so cute and wholesome cause its books. you do you girl! shopping does that happy thing but since it's books, you just get happier when you read it and it will last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. hello, How’s your day going? i want to ask if dayligth dialogues and paracosm worth it? BTW, very nice entry. God bless u.

    1. it has been a good day and i hope yours is good too. ´

      personally, i don´t think daylight dialogue is a good buy for me but i don´t actually regrets it. like i´ve told in the post, it was a collection of simple love poems which is indeed a wide niche, something like lang leav´s. but these poems aren´t really my thing. paracosm on the other hand is totally worth it. she´s a genius and the arts includes in the books are also so good. she covers wide variety of topic too. i hope this helps.