Acer One 10 (S1003-1671) Tablet Review - My New BFF

Oct 23, 2019

By the time I started this post, I just finished Zodiac (the movie, not the book) and I have also finished the Kite Runner yesterday so now I'm feeling that gaping hole as we resume life without me needing to catch up on those two very interesting things. My body is tired, as always, which means I don't feel like doing anything physical but it is also too early to be sleeping. It wasn't even nine. So I thought, hey, let's get on to that one review that you should have done ages ago now.

Alas, I only publish this like two months after starting the post. haha.

In the spirit of wanting to blog more, I decided to buy a tablet so that I can easily carry it everywhere but I specifically needed it to support keyboard assembly. It can't be too expensive since I just need it to write on the go and watch Netflix comfortably. The not too expensive bit was a bit of a wild dream and it was hard to search for review that shows if a tablet can work on Blogger platform. I was so sure that I would buy Mi Pad but apparently, it wasn't licensed under Mi Malaysia which means a sample of it wasn't made available in their branches. Then I stumble onto this fella, Acer One 10 (S1003-1671). 

that charger head for size comparison

another size comparison and showing you it can be detached

To be honest, I'm not quite sure how to really word out the name. The name is a bit weird, isn't it? Is it one or ten like get it together, please.

I bought it on the 19th of March so I have been using it for about six months now.

So what is it? 

It states that it is a tablet/laptop but it is more of a really good netbook/tablet actually.

Anyway apart from the ease of a screen touch (lazy me is happy), I actually bought it for three main reasons which is actually a wonder for a mere RM1099.

The not so mini but mini size
The 10-inch screen is so satisfying. It gave a good wide look of the blog and even better-viewing experience yet still a good size for ease of portability. It fits into my work bag and only weighs about 1.3kg. I thought of forgoing the keyboard if I wanted to travel with it since it is still a comfortable size for me to use the virtual keyboard but apparently it doesn't bother me at all plus it is a really good stand.

It supports Windows 10 
What this means is that it will work like a laptop. It was equipped with the function of a laptop which means it will still give me that laptop vibes when I update my blog plus the familiar interface made it easy for me to navigate through the folders and stuff. I needed that laptop vibes when I update my blog or else it didn't feel as accomplished. I'm weird like that. It is also equipped with Microsoft Office (the mobile version) in case  I needed to do anything that requires it (which I still don't, just fyi). The Windows 10 interface is also a big yay because I don't like it much seeing an android interface on a tablet. It looks tacky somehow.

Window 10 interface on laptop mode 

Window 10 interface on tablet mode

The drawbacks?

  1. Sound - It is barely audible if you're online like watching Netflix or hearing to Spotify. This is, however, can easily be fixed with the help of a Bluetooth speaker since I don't like to watch movies with earphones. If I'm watching offline, I'll use VLC player which helps in giving a louder volume.
  2. Can't support android -  I can't use android apps at all. It only supports those from Microsoft Store which is so limited. I am quite annoyed that there isn't any aesthetically pleasing note-taking or diary apps available. I have also tried android emulator and it won't run it.
  3. Long battery charging time - I think I have only seen it fully charged if I left it charged overnight. I'm not quite sure how many hours but I guess it needs a solid five hours to fully charge it. It can last about three hours or more on a fully charged battery, even longer if I'm offline.

I got so used to the screen touch that I sometimes "tries" to scroll my laptop screen using fingers too. I looked stupid.

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