Journaling to Self Love

Oct 11, 2019

Firstly, I should be writing all the none mental health topic that has been waiting since forever but then here I am.

Secondly, I'm writing during my night shift, again, and I wasn't even going to write at first because I was so enthralled with In The Tall Grass but then my conscience got the better of me. 

Thirdly, I have so many things to do but I keep playing BT21 games instead

I don't know why I need to number those but let's get things moving now, shall we?

What is journaling?

It's pretty straight forward, it means that you write a journal and in this case a journal of your own life. A diary is a journal but I'm not sure why the term "journal" got spread around. Probably because people got used to how diary seems a bit mood-ish oriented only.

So if you're like me, which means you always Google stuff for things that are supposed to make your life a whole lot productive and then got an A+ for mental well being, you'll come across this quite frequently. Apparently, journaling your life is a good way to, rather highly claimed as well, live a better life.

It makes sense. It helps you to think through your day and reflect on it. It also helps to keep track on things so you can plan the next day better. Writing it every day also helps you see a clearer picture like - if you feel stress out today, by journaling it, you can pin the exact stressors which will help you to manage it better in the future. It also helps to see the bigger picture like if you're planning to lose weight, journaling your day will help you analyzes your eating pattern thus planning a better diet. Psych Central did a better job explaining the benefit of journaling HERE and they suggested to spend about 20 minutes per day for it.

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As for me, I always have a problem disciplining myself (aren't we all?) and writing such a journal just feels too much of a work for me. I tried it for a couple of days and although it feels great to see my progress daily, it just feels too much when I think of things I didn't do and things I shouldn't do. For that, it kinda makes me feel bad so I just stop it and I think it's better for me to just keep doing my monthly blog's update instead.

Yet, I still want to do a journal. I just love the feeling of writing with a pen on paper about my life so I came across this idea to journal every day but on a specific thing. This way, I will not feel overwhelmed by the need to write about everything and at the same time helps me focus on that one thing. 

So now what should I focus on? Since I'm trying to write more about mental health well being, why not journaling about self-love. To my surprise, it is quite a popular practice.

Just look on "self-love journal prompts" on Pinterest and they will give you tonnes of suggestions. Most of it consists of 30 prompts so it will serve as a good one month challenge. I choose to do the prompts from The Petite Planner.

Now, the big question is, to write it manually or use a device like your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Go on a manual labor guys. I think by engaging your hand more will help you to focus better and it is therapeutically calming as well. Plus, the stark light from devices is just too much. I also feel like I'll never get anything done if I'm on my devices as my mind will always get associated with the need to open my Twitter or scroll through 9Gag or worse, playing BT21 games.

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So, why not you guys share your answer for the first prompt - What is your favorite personality trait?

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