Covid-19 Diary (Part 3)

Apr 7, 2020

Why did no drinks could offer me a good solace like coffee? I made dalgona coffee and drink it with dinner and still have plenty left to accompany me through the night. But will I get a good sleep tonight? I hope so. But was it worth it? Heck yeah.

Our pharmacy has started our own fever screening which also includes history taking this week. It's just a bit out of place for us to do but we had to do it. My first ever shift was this morning and that was such a way to spend your morning asking random peoples if they might be carrying some silent killer within themselves. The queue builds up at some points but I just went like "pakcik tunggu luar dulu ek". It is still indeed a blessing that there are a whole lot fewer patients than days where there are no silent-deadly-and-really-communicable-disease on the loose. I have the television to accompany me and god there are so many public service announcements about COVID-19 and it was so well done too.

I got tired of the food delivery we have here in the hospital that I really did just went home with no plan whatsoever for dinner. I was like, there are some instant noodles so that should do it. But it turns out I am still fated with a decent meal as I realized like there's some koey teow left from last weekend. Voila!

Actually, I've been doing these cooking charades with a colleague at work on the first and second weekend of MCO. I even went on and make some fancy aesthetic-ish video of it. The first weekend was a simple kek milo kukus and eating whatever they cook but we go hard last weekend. We made cookies, bread and even this instant noodle pizza which is actually just murtabak maggi. We planned for souffle pancake this weekend and I'll be cooking bulgogi for lunch. I hope it turns out good cause I love bulgogi so much. 

BTS apparently is now a Samsung Galaxy S20 series ambassador (is this term correct?). I just realized how disconnected I am feeling with BTS. BTS has always been so forthcoming in social media but now, knowing that they also got holed up, just make me feel mehh. No more lives show with lives fans, no more quirky interviews and also no more life updates of them on Twitter. I wasn't really full-on having to know everything about them in minute details but I'm a fan and they are BTS, their news always creep up and make way. 

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My acne acts out so horribly around my mouth and yes, it is indeed due to wearing the mask. The fact that I have acne and still need to wear the mask just worsens things out. I need to stop lowering the mask and just chill if it gets hard to breathe in it. It just got suffocating if I talk too long at one time. I'm trying to only wash my face and applying face mist just to see if it will heal the acne faster.

It feels good to still be able to work. I can't imagine how it feels to just stay home during MCO. Even now, not having anywhere to go after work and hang out with my friends has turned me into this state of being restless and somehow anxious? It was weird. I can't even watch anything on Netflix anymore. It just feels so clogged up somehow. I can still focus on reading and IQ84 is such a therapeutic book that plays the theme of being alone and loneliness so wonderfully.

There's news of PUI and PUS cases around us plus quarantine cases upon quarantine cases but we did well to just brush it off and chill. I got to hands it down to us as a team. I know how any news will usually put us a bit over the center of gravity but we quickly pull through and just go with it. Again, we're still a yellow zone and pharmacy still could do so much for prevention than the frontliners.

There's some laundry left that I don't think I should really be doing now at ten since my housemates are all ready for bed. Better wake up early tomorrow.

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