Roll On : Book Fair at PWTC (2013)

Aug 14, 2014

Assalammualaikum. I am on time limit. I must finish my writing in 15 minutes. Yoshhhhh.

 For those living in or near KL, this is a must go event. Why 2013? I just wanted to tell my experience during that yearand also this year book fair. 

It is located in PWTC. For those who didn't know well what is PWTC, it is really actually just a very big building with lots of dewan and stuff where people do big events. There are all sort of events held here like wedding thingy and furniture thingy. Well, i only really care of the book fair so all other kind of event , i didn't took much attention to it.

This book fair was named Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair or KLIBF for short. But somehow when I mention KLIBF, most of my friend wouldnt recognise it. We simply call it book fair.

International? They also got some foreign companies here. There is this one booth where every stuff in there were in arabic. I don't even understand why. They got this model of a fancy building which i don't what building because it is written in arabic. yeah.

overly excited first time visitor of KLIBF

I wasn't much of a book person so i didn't really know what to buy. I don't even know what i would like to buy. I end up buying Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat. It's quite fancy with step by step instruction and coloured picture. Good when i need to refer to stuff. 

I also bought Manisnya Persaudaraan Dalam Islam. I am kind of learning to become a better friend. Haha. 

I don't buy any novels because i used to read Harry Potter and i don't like it. The length and the overly expressed situation like colour of hair or how light glimmers through those old crooked table and stuff just wasn't my thing. Surely my time of reading malay novels have long passed as the stories seems as cliche as the novel i read before.

Did i tell you i am a a manga person. Not really a big otaku but seeing Gempak Starz booth still give me that jumping joy. Last year they were celebrating their tenth anniversary and were giving out cool merchandise. I simply have to get a hand on their bag and end up buying 4 comics just to get that one beg. 


 But still, the bag was really cute! I left it at KTSN so i can't show you just how awesome it is.

They also were selling this limited edition cards were if you use a special type of application (you can download it) it will show a 3D image of the card. Well, i think it have some bigger purpose but i don't care really.

I didn't really prepare much. If i know what to expect i would have been a better buyer. Read my 2014 trip to know some VALUABLE tips.

I have used extra 10 minutes.

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