Roll On : Dilly Dally. I L Y (?)

Aug 25, 2014

My blog is my canvas. i get to write what ever i feel like to.

A good cry really is a good thing. 

A love is like those complicated maze game. it seems like it have lots of way you can use to go to the finish line. you never think much and simply run your pencil around it. you hit a dead end and you might go back to a point and start over. but sometimes, you might need to go all the way back to the starting point. it's not about the hardship you went through to get to the finish line, it's the super strength you gain to endure it. the confidence. the amount of trust given. you can use lots of way to try to get to the finish line but there can only be one right way. your attempts wouldn't be a waste. it teaches you. when to stop and where to start back. 

but what if you attempts much but you still couldn't find the right way. just how many chances you need to give. is it wrong to never give up. deep down, does your heart refuse to give up? but a heart ain't living. it affect but it ain't live. physically we will worn out. and then what? tak a break from loving. if so for long. wait. is it the right thing to do?

and then what if you got to the finish line but you're not using the right path? the printed maze got a glitch and somehow create new holes which enable you to work out to the finish line. the right path remain untouched. just how long in your comfort on believing you are doing it right to actually realize that you done it wrong. just how many people actually traces back the path they have choosen when the have won it?
ultimately, what if you won it right but the requirement to win needed a path that doesn't exist. just how is that.

i hate maze game. i always choose to ignore.

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