Roll On : Chow Kit Road

Aug 27, 2014

I want to continue my writing about my Philipines trip but the pictures took forever to upload. So i thought i would share with you about Chow Kit Road.

UKM KL was just a step away from Chow Kit Road. Just at the end of the road there in this UO Supermarket where we would go to buy daily stuff. It is so cheap considering you didn't need to go far. I've once go to Mydin near Petaling Street. The stuff there where quite cheap and the have lots more stuff. There is also this one market which i forget the name near Jalan TAR. Also rather cheap than UO Supermarket plus they sell a lot of foreign chocolates!

Back to Chow Kit Road, you must know the song that late Sudirman used to sing. it seem quite a nice place to hang out from the song. well, back then it is. nowaday it is full of foreign peoples and frankly speaking i don't really like to be there except when i really have to. most of peoples selling stuff there were foreigners. they don't have lots of clothing stuff but if you're looking for clothing it is far better if you got to Jalan TAR. jalan TAR have more choices with crazily cheaper price.

beside UO Supermarket, there is a wet market there. they got chickens sold only as a whole chicken, lots of spices and keropok and many more things your kitchen may need. if you are looking for things to cook for your family, i would really suggest you to go to this market than into UO Supermarket. they also sell food. but i really didn't feel comfortable with the atmosphere there although i always like to go to market and stuff.

but, we , the students,  love to go to Chow Kit road to get fruits. the fruits here is so cheap. i can buy like 20 apples, the small red ones, for only rm5 to rm10.  don't worry, the food things are sold by Malaysian mostly. Only the clothing were monopolised by foreigners.

i don't know how it really is like in the night. i once went there but everything was closed.

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