Roll On : Giveaway Marathon (updated)

Aug 21, 2014

i have made a self goal on a certain number of pageviews to be reached by the end of the week and i thought joining some giveaway might help. i'm not much of a giveaway person but during my little research i am quite captivated by the prizes they have offered. hope i can win some!

so since have go all the trouble to find much giveaway to join, i am thinking to list it out first. i'll officially joined it later when i have the time. it's kind of nice to randomly reads others blog. i kind of have a habit of searching something that interest me in a new blog i suddenly found.

1. 9 Awesome blogs of The Months
2. Giveaway Merdeka Lestari
3. Giveaway : Happy 6th Year Anniversary ; Thank You YOBO!
4. Dhiya's First Giveaway
5. 1st Giveaway By Melangkau Garisan with Love
6. Tiga iPhone untuk dimiliki 
7. Giveaway - Menangi Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh & 5200 mAh
8. Segmen Blogwalking Pinkladies #2 : 48 Hour Marathon (ladies only)
9. Giveaway : Jubah Dress cantik dari Ariescape Shoppe
10. Kawaii August Giveaway

yoshh. it's playtime! :D

a very fine Mr Hiddleston. So fine.

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