Storytime: Sunday Morning, Monday ends

Dec 28, 2016

Sunday Morning, Monday ends

Cas was deep in his reading. He is having fun with fanfiction on a tv series he likes. He smiles every now and then and chuckled. Erin was on her earphone, singing softly while strolling 9gag. It is one of those wasted times because they couldn't care less about anything. The world seems on pause though they can hear the rumble of cars from their 13th-floor apartment. The outside world seems like a very distant trivial stuff which happen in the background of a movie when we only focused on the main actor. They just finished a long Monday waiting

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew
That someday it would lead me back to you

"You sound sweet", Cas was suddenly beside Erin forcing her to open her eyes.
"Go away Cas. You ruin my song moment. I'm having a cool duet with Adam Levine"

Erin flushed at the compliment. She chooses to look cool though because she always is. Always so cool even with Cas giving her any affectionate compliment out of the blue with the most carefree voice as if it is the solid fact that the world has agreed on.

She was always very awkward when people compliment her.

Cas reach to her earphone to unplug it from her phone for the song to be played on speaker instead. It was Sunday Morning and he started to dance like a fool till the song ended. Erin rolls her eyes fondly. 

"We should really start at least think about dinner"
"You ruined my song. You ruined my song moment"
"But you sounded sweet"
"Shut up. You ruined my song moment and you are a terrible dancer"

Erin was still in her slacks and her blue button down. However annoyed she is, she is hungry. She starts to also wonder about dinner since she only has another cup of instant coffee for lunch. It's indeed a terrible day. Nope. Terrible Monday

"I hate Mondays"
"Well, it suited since you liked that Sunday Morning song too much"

Cas help himself beside Erin. The couch shifts a little and Erin is reaching to her side of the couch finding something on the small table there. Managing to almost drop the phone she then found the pizza menu and pass it to Cas, motioning for a simple takeout.

"I refuse to have a take away"

Erin raised a brow quizzically and start to wonder at the tiresome effort of getting a shower and be decent for a dinner in the outer world. Na-ah. But Cas has pushed her through the front door and shove her a sweater which has been amazingly laid so very conveniently on the couch. With a flick of the light switch, they were off. Erin grunts unapprovingly yet knowing Cas, who have always know what she wants, she needs whatever Cas has planned in mind. Though the world "planned" is a bit too elaborate. 

"Let's go for an adventure!"
"We don't adventure, we need dinner"
"Let's go to an adventure for dinner then"

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