Roll On: Video editing attempt (Pulau Pangkor)

Dec 18, 2016


I went for Pulau Pangkor last Monday and Tuesday. Short trip just to look around since Pulau Pangkor is so near Seri Manjung. I have been meaning to try to edit video as this one so when I reached Pulau Pangkor I just randomly remembered this dream of mine and started to shoot videos . I do not even took much picture since I really does not like it. There is actually this school trip or something when we reach the Dutch Fort and the kids have been taking pictures. They took so many pictures and keep changing the role of model/photographer among them until finally were called to their van to continue their trip. They only took pictures.

I got nothing against people took photos and shared it to their social medias but I do watched some who go through so much trouble to took those pictures. Like so much troubles and it just kind sad.  The fort was really a beautiful thing and it stand there for hundreds of year.

I am nerd freak.


Enjoy the video!

By the way, it seemed like I cannot check out my followers blog since when I clicked their profile icon, it does not state the blog link. Urghh.


  1. when travel to new places, taking photos and some videos is a must! :D