Poem: Poison

Dec 11, 2016

Can't you hear the deafening sound of my silence?
The thundering clash of a shattered heart
The wailing of pain behind a stone hard face of lies
It used to be that I smiled to convince myself
That those sounds is just made up by my silly mind
But now I'm just blank
It is now just some blank spaces that grows inside my soul

You never really care how heart tear
You never really see how wound bleed
You never really know how tear despair
You never really know me when you claim that you will always be

You wont hear me out
I'm shutting you down

I'm collecting every fraction of bravery and strength
Binding every pieces, 
Trying to make some shape out of it
But it turned out into an ugly mess
Like those monster that bumped in the nights
I'm so broken
I can't even let you go

You're poison and i'm masochist