Roll On: Weekend Mind-Expanding Movies To Watch.

Dec 10, 2016

I am utterly at awe at myself to actually wanting to do this post. I am far from those that comment on movie trailers (they always somehow so bitter) and obviously also not a regular critics on websites like Rotten Tomatoes and iMDB.

Just that, from a Malaysian to another Malaysian, I thought this might be a really interesting adventure for you to try since most would be not-so-mainstream movies thus were not widely known in Malaysia or simply those old English movies.

Actually, since I'm not working, I actually watch more of this type of movies. Why? First, I am watching the so called an all time favorites and guess what, it really live up to that. Secondly, mainstream movies are getting kinda stereotype thus bored me to death. For the last few months, the only mainstream movie actually made me excited is Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them since it is a Harry Potter franchise. I will always love Harry Potter.

Does that even count?

Thirdly, it wasn't the type of movies that I usually watch and we gotta try to try it before actually not liking it. That is kinda the motto here and from there on, I found myself liking it. Surprise.

Let just challenge yourself.

If you want to be more adventurous, just look at the title and watch it. That is how I do it. I mean if millions of people tell me it's good, it must be so I want to be surprised with the storyline.

By watch it, I just stream at 123movies website. I'm a modern day pirate.

Pirate of the Caribbean movies are awesome up till the third one. Afterward, it's kinda a sad attempt.

If you don't trust my opinion, check out TOP 100 movies at Rotten Tomatoes. They are such a professional critics and surely would not disappoint.

Blame 9gag for getting me wanting to try to watch these movies.

I'm not giving you how synopsis, you can Google that out, I'm telling you the feels afterwards. At least, my feels.

Angah found out about Hayao Miyazaki which through Ghibli studios have created a lot of worldwide recommended animation movies.  It is a simple animation that kids would be entertained but the further meaning through the pure and genuine storyline would captivate. We are supposed to watch all his work but something about animation movies always make me putting it off till later. Go on check out all especially My Neighbour Totoro. I didn't recommend My Neighbour Totor since I haven't watch it thoroughly but through those on off watching, I'd still say it is good.

What would you get from Spirited Away? You'll watch an honest depiction of adults hunger for world and a children who do not understand the need of all these stuff clashing in a world where you are belittle since you are different. You'll feel delighted at a kid's hard work and honest friendship. All happened it the world of spirits. Yup, spirits! You gotta give the credit for all those gawky and squirmish animation.

I just love the train ride scene.

2, Poltergeist (1982).

Oh my goodness, I just list some movies crossing my mind that I deemed in my10 seconds deductions will worth your time. Those sequels after the first Poltergeist is a no no. The reviews were horrible when the first one was like this big success. Funnily, it wasn't as creepy as some mainstream movies I've watched like all The Conjuring-s and Insidious-es movies. I legit-ly yelled at one point but I don't remember why.

It is such a must watch because most modern day horror movies will have something in common with the idea from this movie. The main pillar of The Conjuring was based on this movie. It started with some honest and funny reaction towards all the disruption of the ghosts. What made me more into this film is how natural the acting is. Old peoples really know how to act. Not to mention all those science facts of a ghost hunting and you gotta love the no censored gory stuff.

This kid is just beautiful. She looked just like some plain little girl but nonetheless beautiful.

Why questioned this suggestion when Brad Pitt was such a babe in it! He is a babe and a psycho, PERFECT. They even have Helena Bonham Carter, no more question to be asked, JUST WATCH IT.

I totally got the wrong impression regarding this movie. It is of primal instinct and outrage rebellion. It questioned your life stand and masochism. By the way, the violence is raw. Like one of the critics which I simply agree wholeheartedly, "Even without the whiplash revelation, the film is a wild ride".

babe babe bae baby babe


This movie is a babe. Tom Hanks is a babe. This movie, although quite absurd but totally somehow, justifiable. It showed how you can just about be anything when you put your heart and soul into. Just don't care about everyone else and be solid to what you want. At the same time, it teaches a bit about American history that I'd find quite educational but I don't know it you would understand much of the history part if you do not know any of it. I guess, with today no boundaries and stuff, you should at least know some of it so. Or else you might thought the history part to be just weird and boring. At least you must know what hippies are back on those days.

I just loved the southern American accent and the lovely quotes all over the movies. It is based on a popular book so naturally would have well written quotes. There are some scenes to cry for but I don't really cry, I'm dead inside.

This was a bit of spoiler but it is so endearing.

This one is for Angah as I asked her and quickly her answer is must watch Silver Lining Playbook. I've watched it and totally at awe at Jennifer Lawrence and just sad that Hunger Games franchises is not doing a justice on her talent. By the way, I still didn't watched the Mockingjay ones since Catching Fire was not really a turn on for me. This movie is brilliant. It question love to the very core and showed us how love making us limping through life or waking up from the ashes. 

It's a romantic comedy movie. I'm such a sweetheart.

You are Jenny, you are.

I want to do a list of ten movies but I gotta go now. Maybe next weekend I'll make another five. If you have watched it, do tell your opinion as well. Or if you're going to, come back and tell me as well!

Happy Weekend!


  1. You have a thing for old movies eh?
    Sorry but I didn't watch any of the list above cause' I'm not into old movies but I'll try to watch some as you seemed like you enjoyed them.

    1. actually, am not. it's a newfound interest. just watched few movies only so i don't think i can call it my thing just yet. :P