Roll On: My Bad Habits

Feb 23, 2017

Again, I read this somewhere but I can't recall where. Mehh. As I am listing the topic for "A Post A Day - 7 Days Topic To Go" I thought this would be interesting.

I'm a bit on schedule so this is going to be a short one (konon).

Supernatural is not a bad habit

1. Sugar

It wasn't like I must have all those dessert. It is just that I love sugary drinks. I'll have coffee in the morning, some chilled sweet drinks accompanying lunch, some hot drink to chill in the afternoon and some more tea at night. I just must have them all.

2. Picking pimples

It's a disease. Go Google it.

3. Buying stuffs

I always thought we kinda need that so we must have and don't get me start on food because I don't care spending on food at all! I would feel so damn guilty because the money could have been put into better use. Just fyi, I am now on spending fasting for a week and I am already planning to go to this cute waffle shop the very next Monday.

4. Hating exercise

It is now had become a habit for me to always excuse all my superior plans to get me jogging in the morning. I was supposed to be jogging this morning, but alas, I slept it off.

Ok, That's all. I'm boiling the fishes for laksa and as according to my cooking plan for the whole week , I AM STILL ON TRACK



  1. A daring post! Loved it! My worst habit as of now is staying up late. If I don't watch out, I'd be colouring panda-like eye bags. T_T

    1. I've been there! I literally force my eyes to shut so I could sleep early.

  2. sama lahh kita part buying stuffs dengan hating exercise tu hahaha xD

  3. 1. I loove sugary foods especially chocolate-based.

    2. Having this habit too gurl, I feel you :(

    4. I hate exercising and I love to eat. Lots. A bad combination for my health.

    1. it's good to have lots of same things to another fellow blogger, even if only the bad habits. *insert sarcastic laugh here*

  4. i used to buy stuffs without thinking properly too but for now ive started to learn to think carefully do i really need the stuff before buying XD

    1. I am too. It's so good to realize and conscious about my spending habit.