Being More Present In Life Writing Challenge

Jun 19, 2021

Living alone and not being able to hang out with my friends kinda makes me feels detached from life. I went into work, went back home, eat something in between, sleep and repeat. Even sleeping feels surreal. Then during off days - trying my best to gather whatever left in sense of taking care of myself to do my laundry and tidy up around the house. I do make a point to do more cleaning around the house since finishing any cleaning-related task always makes me feel good.

So in the spirit of wanting to actually feel good, I have also been wanting to write random stuff daily just to get my writing's gear moving. Writing makes me feel good. I've always wanted to write random stuffs happening in my life just to get this sense of presence but when I'm actually on my laptop, I just blanked. To help me with that, a writing challenge is surely the best way to go. Not to mention that I also love reading this kind of writing. Sometimes I will do random blog-walking to find these kind of blogs that share their daily lives. This is actually the main reason that makes me stays in the blogging world.

However, since I can never find any decent writing challenge that I like - I'm making one for myself. It's going to be a 30 days challenge and it was meant to be written day by day. No skips whatsoever. Some of the topic will be repeated just to have some sense of comparison.

I'm loving this challenge so much alreadyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Notice - If I'm writing in the morning, then I'll write about the said topic that happened on the previous day. If you want to do this but you're not a working person, just change it to whatever thing you're doing currently. Like if you're just staying at home, just change it to what did you do at home today. The main idea is simply to be more connected to your daily life.

Day 1 - How today's morning looks like before going to work?

Day 2 - What did you eat today? Do you like it?

Day 3 - What did you do at work today?

Day 4 - Three words to describe your current job

Day 5 - My current Netflix's watching list

Day 6 - A detailed explanation of how your night went - by the hour

Day 7 - Your current morning drink

Day 8 - A recap of the last three days outfits

Day 9 - Any fictional characters crush? Discuss!

Day 10 - Phone check! Whatsapp wallpaper, phone's wallpaper and phone's lock-screen. Why did you choose those?

Day 11 - Check your Instagram and tells a recap about 10 latest IG stories from peoples you've followed

Day 12 - Current skincare products used

Day 13 - How today's morning looks like before going to work and compares it with Day 1

Day 14 - Any good thing you've been doing for the environment

Day 15 - How grocery shopping looks like for you?

Day 16 - Shares us three of your most played playlist (either Spotify or Youtube) that you 

Day 17 - Your last day out before PKP restart again

Day 18 - What did you do at work today?

Day 19 - Throwback your academic background - put some insight on how you remember yourself back then

Day 20 - Your favorite desserts/snacks - include favorite shop or brand

Day 21 - All about laundry

Day 22 - Your current monthly bills - DON'T SHARE HOW MUCH IT ACTUALLY COST, just tells what it is

Day 23 - What's in my bag and my car #lol

Day 24 - A recap of the last three days outfits

Day 25 - A short review of the last three movies you've watched

Day 26 - Ten public Twitter's account you've followed - you can choose who you want to tell about and tell us why you followed them

Day 27 - Your favorite singer/band - go madly in love

Day 28 - Hair care!

Day 29 - What did you eat today?

Day 30 - How are you feeling after writing all of these?

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