BMPIL Writing Challenge - My Current Morning Drink

Jun 27, 2021

I finally got the keys to my new place yesterday and today, my current landlord bring peoples for house viewing while I am still in the house. Did I told you that the peoples were male and that I wasn't informed anything about it. I keep having mixed emotions with her.

Anyway, my morning drinks were variation of coffee. Sometime, probably once every two months, I won't feel like drinking coffee and make milo instead. I have cereal drinks as well. I only make a cereal drink if I feel like having some kind of food but I will still make a cup of coffee. Other than that, I usually only drink coffee for breakfast. It's not healthy folks. Just putting it out there.

I used to only drink 3 in 1 coffee, specifically the IndoCafe ones, since my degree years. I don't like Nescafe. I feel like it is too aromatic as compared to its actual taste. IndoCafe have stronger caffeine and a whole lot cheaper so it easily became a daily drink. 

However, I don't drink much 3 in 1 coffee nowaday. I somehow manage to build this hate toward the "instant" taste. Weird isn't it. But I still have Aik Cheong 3 in 1 coffee cause sometimes I do have sudden urge for 3 in 1 coffee. 

I do own a simple coffee machine but I hardly uses it. I only ever use it if I feel like drinking a good black coffee with sugar only. This is my excuse to splurged on a good finely grind coffee beans. There's a Jaya Grocer nearby that have a variety of coffee grind so I'm making it my mission to try as much as possible. My current grind is from Starbuck. The aroma is so good and I'm loving the sleek taste so much. I also notices recently that Speedmart started to have this exact type in stock. 

Other than that I just make one using instant coffer powder. Same like my coffee grind choices, I was going to try as much instant coffee brand at our Jaya Grocer here as well. My last brand was Davidoff. I was too lazy to go there when my Davidoff finishes so now I have a small packet of IndoCafe instead. I made this with either condensed milk or sugar. Sometimes I added creamer with the sugar. If I make my coffee using my coffee maker, it will be black with sugar only. 

However, recently, the most amazing thing happen with my coffee drinking habit. I was introduced to Frenché Roast instant coffee, specifically the cold latte ones. I drank this almost everyday. Creamy iced coffee in the morning is a true bliss. 

I'm thinking of buying an espresso machine. But to do that, I need to somehow get rid of my current coffee machine. It was cheap so I don't feel like going the trouble to sell it. I probably can just give it to anyone but the problem is I can't meet anyone during PKP. I'll rethink about it once my craze for Frenché Roast ended.

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