BMPIL Writing Challenge - What I eat today

Jun 23, 2021

I was planning to write this yesterday morning but since I'm having the day off, I thought that I can just wait until the day ended and then writes all about it. I forgot. haha.

So let's hope I'll write both yesterday's and today's challenge today. Here is the second topic of "Being More Present in Life Writing Challenge" - what I ate today.

I should've taken pictures, don't I? But it's okay, there's a reason why I keep using stock photos and it is because it easily fits into my blog's aesthetic and not because I'm too lazy.

I was having the day off, so I made a point to cook as I needed to finish whatever was left in the kitchen as much as possible before moving out of this house. I guess my current landlord is suffering some loss as she can't rent the rooms to students anymore and now focusing to rent the place as a whole house instead.

I remember waking up and wanted to drink a simple iced 3in1 coffee. I got Aik Cheong one as I kinda like it when I drink it at this Airbnb we went to before PKP starts again. I haven't bought 3in1 coffee for the longest time. I somehow grew to hate this one taste that I can't exactly pinpoint what but still there are times I simply crave one so I bought this remembering that I liked it well when I drank it there. This was one of those times. Also, I wake up feeling refresh too. Not as groggy as I have complained in my previous post.

I cooked some fries as well and that was my breakfast. I wasn't that hungry so I tidy up around the kitchen and also cooked some rice porridge. I literally just put stuff into the electric pot and leave it to cook. The rice porridge had an egg, sausages, carrots, daun sup and flavoured with ginger and those maggi cukup rasa seasoning. Then I had my so-called breakfast and continue to clean some more stuff in my room and also the bathroom. I took a shower afterward and I make another glass of that iced 3in1 coffee. It was around 2pm that I was decently hungry and ate that porridge. I have some A&W that I decided to just finish it while eating the porridge. It was left in the fridge for so long but I feel too guilty to just throw it away.

Then I went out to check out new places. One of them is at this serviced apartment. I love the idea of living in a service apartment but then I don't like the house. The pool looks so nice though. The other one is a landed two-story house that is so close to my work. I already paid a booking deposit for this one. 

I decided to get grilled corn as I was close by to this place that I always go but the corn was undercooked. It was so disappointing and just sad but I still finish it. On the way back, I have this nagging urge to get some more caffeine and decided to just get an iced Americano from Mcd. It was a Tuesday afternoon but there is still a long line and I think I finished a whole episode of Haikyuu waiting for my turn. I feel like I need to make use of the long waiting so I bought Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie as well. It was my first time eating it. The combination of yuzu and cream cheese is good but my days of eating fried pie have long gone now.

I went back home and ate the pie with the Americano while watching Jujutsu Kaisen. I loved this show so much and purposely watching it slowly cause I know I will hate it when I finish it and need to wait another year for a new season. I fried some more fries and have the leftover porridge as well for dinner. I don't finish the porridge but then my brother made a group video call and I tricked myself into slowly eating it while chatting with them. 

I really did drink three coffee in one day. 

In one day that was my day off.

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