BMPIL Writing Challenge - How today's morning look like before I went to work

Jun 21, 2021

 This is my first day of "Being More Present in Life Writing Challenge".

Since I am currently writing in the morning, I am going to tell you about how yesterday's morning went like. To start off, I actually went to sleep early. It has been forever that I actually feel tired enough to want to go to sleep. I didn't even watch Hotel Artemis halfway through as I got bored and played some games on my phone and felt really sleepy while playing it. I have to tell you guys about the game though. It was this cute shooting puzzle game called Hello BT21 which I stop playing when I change to my current phone. I just forgot about it I guess but I always love this one. It was just the right kind of hard and the characters are so cute. If I failed a stage they will make this disappointing sound and face and it was the cutest thing!

I've been wanting to get better sleep so I bought magnesium. It's a good supplement to help you sleep. It wasn't like I'm having insomnia but it was a bit hard for me to fall asleep and I didn't have much deep sleep too. I've been eating it for about a week now and I realized that I feel so groggy in the morning.  I didn't think it was the supplement because it wasn't supposed to act that fast. It still didn't help me much to actually feel sleepy and want to go to sleep but it was getting so annoying how groggy I feel in the morning. Yet I can't seem to find any other reason that might causing this so I'm taking the supplement earlier before bedtime to see if there's any difference.

I don't wake up super early or whatsoever but I love morning. Waking up feeling fresh and awake is just how I've been doing since forever. I hardly sleep in even on off days. So feeling groggy is so annoying for me. I even make sure to take my allergy medicine or dizziness medicines, the sleepy ones, hours before sleep so that I didn't feel too groggy when I wake up the next morning. 

Wow, this is some detailed explanation about grogginess but it is important!! #lol. It has affected few mornings and even affected my day as I feel sluggish until evening! Plus, it was the challenge pon and I did feel this way for the past mornings.

Anyway, back to "today's morning", I am still feeling groggy but a bit better probably because I went to sleep early. I woke up around 8am. I'm having my menses so I wake up later but this is still quite late because my body usually simply wakes up somewhere around 7.30am. I even forced myself to wake up or else the grogginess will make me fall asleep again. I wake up at 10am the day before for god sake!

I decided to go out and buy some nice fulfilling breakfast and do some grocery shopping. I usually just ate whatever I have at home or just coffee but I thought moving around and a big breakfast would help this grogginess. I ate nasi dagang with Frenche' Roast instant coffee that I added a teaspoon more coffee into it just to feel more awake. It helps a little as I do feel a bit more awake and not so sluggish at work but it is still so annoying because I usually feel activated when I get my morning coffee. 

I'm so into Frenche' Roast cold latte but specifically with HL milk and few cubes of ice. This is truly the invention of the year. The nasi dagang was perfect per usual. Some stupid and self-conscious story though. The two customers before me were speaking in Kelantan dialect with the seller and when it was my turn it went like "nasi dage sa? lauk ike?" and I don't want to sound stupid in Kelantan dialect, not when I'm this groggy, so I make sure to answer "haah, nasi dagang satu lauk ikan". I swear to god the seller look at me like confused or something for a good two seconds. The next customer was also speaking in Kelantan's dialect. How many Kelantanese are here anyway? 

When I went back into my car, I noticed that my tudung sarung's awning crumpled a bit like those kids who can keep the awning nice and perfect cause they were kids. I wonder if the seller actually notices that I was not fully awake.

It was Sunday. I usually have my off days on Sunday but since I'm training new staff, HR asked me to change my off days to weekdays instead. Jokes on them because somehow, this PKP shows an even reduced number of customers on weekends. It's maddening because learning about retail is mainly about how you attend to customers. This is better done by doing! I can't have them be "doing" much if I don't have customers in the first place. 

Since it was Sunday, I decided to simply wear this stripy t-shirt and black pants with a flower print shawl. Should have gone with square scarves actually. I have also defrost the chicken and half-cooked it so I can cook it quicker for dinner. I cooked dinner more often lately since pharmacy has to closed by 8pm. I've been postponing the chicken because I was too lazy to wait to defrost it. I decided to bring my laptop to work so that I can write if I got some free time but I forgot it on the dining table. Found a dead cat on my porch. I think the mother was this cat that we sometimes feed. I guess this is how she repays our kindness? I still didn't buried it. I guess I'll do it tonight. 

I left my porch gate's one side open because I don't feel like closing it and I have this feeling that I would hate to open it when I get back to work today. It was one of those days. It was opened inwards so I didn't really bother anyone. The housing area is gated and guarded so it was safe. But my housemate return to pick up her stuff and decided to close the gate properly so I still have to get out of the car, opened the gate, get into the car back and parked my car. 

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