Roll on : National Pharmacy Sports Carnival - NPSC -

Jul 25, 2013


Lets talk NPSC! Not sure why the sudden excitement. NPSC is basically sports event for undergraduates students and alumni all around Malaysia, which studies Pharmacy of course. This year, UKM get the privileged to host this spectacular event. So, me, being so badly not gifted in sports ended up being a volunteer for football match. I did not attend the meeting and this was given to me un-volunteeraly ( attention. there is no such word ). Not very fancy of it as there would be lots of men. I don't want to be all awkward and stuff. Pffff.

But it ended up to be a joyful weekend. My job was very easy. Since the other person who need to work with is also a woman ( my friend Amal ), and woman are so not going to chase ball that got kicked out the fiead, we only need to keep track of the point. I enjoy the match very much though. By the way, UKM lose. Badly. T__T

The first morning. Gettin ready.

After finishing the game, we got some spare time to shopping and eat ! There is a fair being held near the field, so my friend and I decided to eat and even manage to buy a jersi with our name on it. Well, nickname actually. Mine was "Osem" .

Me with UM bus. This orange shirt is NPSC official shirt.

I planned this event to be a weekend to escape and enjoy. Me, studying pharmacy, our campus and hostels  are located at KL. UKM Bangi is the main campus. Since the full facility for sports were there so NPSC was held there. It is like a mini camp. It was only by this time we learned more about UKM Bangi. There are lots of argue on how well equipped is UKM Bangi hostels than UKM KL hostels. Yup there are some things that I find quite unfair for us here to not have. One is to have well organized and fully equipped convenience store. Here, it is only a small store with limited and pricey stock. When at UKM Bangi, we are quite surprised on how the convenience store were full with lots of things and at normal price. Something need to be done about that. 

It was fun to know other pharmacy students and cheering our heart out. We have USM, UM, UiTM, AIMST, MSU, CUCMS, Taylor's and also Monash participating this event. We are quite carefree at that time as we did not have lab reports to work on. We eat and walk and talk and talk some more, watch some match and eat again. Kind to think of it, it was a very nice way to enjoy a weekend. It is not about what you do, it is about with who do you do it. Thank God that I got this bunch of awesome people. My friend really know how to have fun. The important thing is, thing less and smile more!

we eat a lot.

good food! :)

at cafe. going to eat.


amira, me and chu hui.

IIUM bus

orang sesat taking picture with us. :P

never forget your umbrella!

We thought that taking picture with various buses will be important to mark that we are not alone~

something like that~

till next time peeps!