One Month Into Being A Manager and Having No Friend

Nov 29, 2020

I have been blessed with two very good staff in my first time ever being a leader of a place. It is only one pharmacy but still, I am so thankful although there is a lot of work since this is their first-time-ever working in a pharmacy.

I did meet my sister last Monday and had a good lunch with her and I am envious that the place that we ordered in is too far away from my place. A friend of mine had an interview somewhere here last week so I got to meet her and finally able to eat at this beautiful book cafe. I also got the chance to meet a couple of my friends from my previous hospital and went to this amazing cafe that has beautiful art pieces all around it. I was thinking to do some cafe hunting series since it feels safer to share those now seeing how public this place is so there are little chances for you guys to actually guess where I am staying lol.

All of these meet-ups require planning because I have lost my luxury of spontaneity. Everyone is at least a 40-minute drive away and are only available on weekend. I do have ONE friend that lives close-by but he, being a man and also with a girlfriend although we don't understand why he is being so secretive about it, is not the kind of spontaneity that I can splurge on. Plus he is such an annoying person I genuinely don't understand why I called him a friend.

Anyway, it's not like I got lonely or anything. I finally get to sit and finished my anime and I also just finished The Haunting of Bly Manor which is so good. I read though I do wish I will write more instead. I do have a list of small projects that I need to get on but just don't feel like it yet. So yeah, it feels even more lively to do these while still feeling accomplished at work.

Tomorrow will mark my first month of working as a community pharmacist and I have spent this weekend staying home and just chilling. It feels good to rest knowing you have been pouring a good and honest work for the week. I remember feeling that I need to do something productive over the weekend just to feel like I do something with my life but I simply take a nap in the evening today and not feeling like I wasted the time upon waking up.


There are some flaws here and there that I notice plus the fact that I need to do some work over the weekend because it was told so last minute but you win some you lose some. Although I do make a mental note to do just a bit over the weekend and do the rest tomorrow when I went back in. Someone commented in my last post to work smart and play hard so heck yeah I will.

I miss my home. It has been a while since I went home due to PKPB but it doesn't feel as bad as before. I don't know if it was because this is our second time at PKPB so I just got used to it or because I feel better with my work so it didn't weigh on me much. I wonder when I can go home.

My new laptop has finally arrived, and it has been such a lifesaver since the PC that they installed at work was a faulty one. They need to buy a new one if I'm not mistaken so that will take some time. Oh, that reminds me that I need to do a review on this laptop. I even subscribe to Microsoft 365 and all.

I'm starting to get the hang of this new routine which includes not buying Cappucino every day, nasi campur for life, and the fact that Petronas near my workplace make such a delicious croissant.

I hope PKPB ends soon so I can go home next week or else I can visit those workspace cafes and finally write that long-postponed part two review of my Hannan Medispa's experience.