Roll On : Life and Industrial Training

Jun 28, 2015

*tiup habuk*

Hi "me" , since i really think it is me that i am writing too. I love reading how i used to be. i am that people who believe we CAN change.

Life have been super stress and i got face full of pimples to prove it. The thesis work and exam have really put a toll on me. I never thought i actually can be this stress. Partly because i kind of finding that drive to drive. Being lazy and procnasting person not helping though i am quite impressed how i could still manage it.

I am at home now, getting my reset. Home is always a good reset place for me. I do nothing really, esppecially during ramadhan and having my period. It is just being in this house alone have this destressing effect. Of course having my sisters to talk with were extemely joyous also.

But, i am only home for 4 days and in one hour i need to get into the bus and went back to KL for my industrial training. The wifi at college down AGAIN. I think i am going crazy living alone and work and back to college and work and back and hopefully i am rajin enough to go to my aunt house when i got a day off or else i WILL GO FULL RETARD. I hope i could help myself to love the work. PLEASE.

i want a change of life. God knows how much i tried and fail. to become more rajin, more productive, more of that and less of this. Typical life improvements. It's not like i am in the realy wrong way of living. On how things go around now cause we know that almost all student like me is like is like me. 

But i want a change of life.

Be the neXt Mark Zuckenberg of some sort.

Hey Nurul Afifah Bt Addnan! YOU CAN DO THIS!